Friday, May 19, 2006

What's Your Fantasy?: Special Spring 06 Edition

The bad news: School and housework continue to pickle my brain. I will definitely need to skip a few parties this weekend to get both done.

The (relatively) good news: So I was watching the last few minutes of the season finale for Grey's Anatomy and the first thing I notice is a really, really hot guy in a tux. No, not McDreamy (or his romantic rival, Chris O'Donnell), but George O'Malley.

I don't know how to explain this, but T. R. Knight has become my dream guy. Seriously. Because I like them dorky and vulnerable in that way.

Even more inexplicable: Because I can't manage to tear myself away from General Hospital (damn you, Finola*) I've also developed a very strange girl-crush on Kelly Monaco. Strange, because I remember watching the Dancing With the Stars dance-off and finding her very vapid at first, but the more I see of her, the more I'm intrigued. And she also comes off as very human and honest in some of her press interviews, so I don't mind her.

*No, really, up until last week I had no idea Finola Hughes was a soap actress, let alone one who played a hot SpyMommy on the same show where Rick Springfield (also quite hot) plays an alcoholic doctor. The next time me and my ten-year-old niece sit down to watch Style Network, I'll have a lot of explaining to do...


greeneyes said...

That's too funny. My roommate in college was hooked on GH, so we had to watch it every day...I guess you missed the whole thing where Felicia (Finola) fell in love with Casey the space alien! Maybe they will bring him back, too!

Toya said...

Finola was never Felicia!!! Finola is Anna Devane - hello!

And might I join you in your lust for TR Knight? Mrowr!

meimei said...

T, my dearest blog sister, you're right. Finola played Anna Devane. Felicia, on the other hand, was played by Kristina Wagner, who used to be married (like, how many times now?) to Jack "All I Need" Wagner. Sing it with me: "Alllll IIIIII NEEEEEEDDD... isjusta littlemoreTIME, to be SUUUURRE, what I FEEEELLL...."

Greeneyes, I don't blame you for making the same mistake, though. I've found that American soaps have large, sprawling casts (and sometimes with actresses who almost look like each other without being related) to accommodate large, sprawling storylines. One of the reasons I'm not into CBS soaps like Guiding Light or Y&R, for example, has to do with most of the characters being played by actresses with the same perfectly blonde hair, pouty lips, and excessive eyeliner - even the older blondes look like Bratz dolls! Compare this to Mexican and Latin American telenovelas, where it's easier to tell the characters apart and everything is meant to be wrapped up in no amount of time. Then again, that only makes the telenovela-style plots in US soaps (eg. aliens, demonic possession, stolen babies, etc.) look even more outlandish by comparison! No wonder more folks here in Hawaii are drawn to Korean dramas, which tend to stick more to traditional themes and comprehensible storylines.

domestika said...

George O'Malley: "dorky and vulnerable" -- I hear you!

Maybe it's part of the whole Geek Chic thing finally taking hold, letting us see a wider range of body types etc. as being attractive. Just look at American Idol, the success of some people who would have been rejected a few years back for not having "the right look"...

And what about that curly-haired cutie who plays the math-genius younger brother on N3MBERS? Let's put him in a tux and see what happens! LOL


meimei said...

Hi Domestika! Yep, I think it's a testament to diversity that there is no one standard to beauty - for women AND for men! I, personally, have never exactly warmed up to the stereotypically "pretty" ones myself, like the jocks or the bad boys; I was always after the buttoned-up types in suits and glasses.

(See also: my weird fascination with the most recent incarnations of Doctor Who, even though I don't even have cable and haven't watched any of the earlier versions, ever. Photos later.)

David Krumholtz from Numbers in a tux, though? BRING IT ON! That would be much appreciated.