About This Blog

Your humble(d) blogger, circa 2011.
My real name is Stella, but you can call me Meimei.

I was a graduate student in Hawaii when I started this blog, living in a studio apartment that I christened Le Maison du Meimei. Then I graduated with a Masters degree in education, went through the wringer during the recession, and eventually moved back to the Philippines, where my parents live in a fabulous house that I've nicknamed Hacienda de Meimei. Said residence is also home to two adorable mutts that we've adopted after our original DogMei passed away last year, as well as a bunch of stray cats who like to hang out in our back yard and keep our house rat-free.

My day job involves teaching at a prestigious university outside of Manila. I used to do English-language tutoring for Koreans as part of an exchange program within the campus, but recently I have joined the actual faculty of the university as a lecturer. Because of the nature of my current job - not to mention one notoriously disastrous attempt at a personal online journal during my twenties - I have decided to refrain from disclosing intimate details about my personal and professional life. Also, while I may have discussed my Catholicism and other hot-button topics in the past, I have now decided against using this blog to incite debates on on religion, sexuality, and politics.

What I can disclose consists of the following:
  • Photo credits, especially if I've used screencaps or grabs from Google Images;
  • Purchasing information about all products reviewed for this blog, as per FTC guidelines; 
  • Any conflict of interest that could affect my objectivity - especially since I do have friends in "the industry"; 
  • Any product that I may have used in photos of myself posted on this blog.
In short, there's nothing I can discuss here that I can't bring up at a proper dinner party.

The following topics, on the other hand, are fair game:
  • Hot male celebrities (c'mon, I'm not blind)
  • Hair, makeup, and fashion shenanigans of all kinds (and politicians are definitely not exempted) 
  • My continuing efforts towards weight loss and improving self-confidence (still in keeping with the mission of this blog, without going into TMI territory)
Hope you've enjoyed the ride so far; I'll be keeping this page updated!

PS. In case you were wondering about the design: This current incarnation of Domesticity has been brought to you by Blogger's new Template Designer - with updated design elements - as of April 14, 2011.