Saturday, October 30, 2010

Domesticity Halloween Spectacular 2010

Cadburys Dairy Milk Candy Bar - 3.5 Oz/ Bar, 24 eaA note from Meimei: 
Now, here's a Halloween entry for you, chock full of shocking revelations and terrifying twists. Unfortunately, I had to put this entry under a break due to the sensitive nature of its contents - especially when you consider  that the bulk of this entry contains memos and documents retrieved from the offices of TLC Southeast Asia (and/or possibly hallucinated by yours truly during a Dairy Milk binge) which may prove to be extremely scandalous. If you have a low tolerance for scandal (and/or satire), proceed at your own risk...

Friday, October 29, 2010

Video Style Moments, Part 3: "Airplanes" by B.o.B. (Feat. Hayley Williams of Paramore)

Speaking of emo singers with colorful hair...

I love Hayley's eyeshadow in this one.

Unfortunately for us, the Lauren Luke tutorial version just pales in comparison - pun intended - next to the original. (And I say this as someone who adores Ms. Luke unconditionally; it's just that there wasn't enough there there, you know?)

Lesson learned: Lime green eyeshadow really is tricky for the rest of us.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Video Style Moments, Part 2: "Closer To The Edge" by 30 Seconds to Mars

I'm posting this for my brother, who remains traumatized by the Jared Leto archive on The Internet Never Forgets.

(And for longtime My So-Called Life fan Scribey, who might be traumatized to see Jordan Catalano sporting a gigantic red mohawk here.)

(And also for my niece, who I think would like this song as much as I do... even if it makes me feel old to explain the concept of Jordan Catalano to her.)

For the rest of you reading this blog: Mohawks! Nail polish! Guyliner! Anything less would be a letdown.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Video Style Moments, Pt. 1: "Cold War" by Janelle Monae

I love Janelle Monae - not just her music, but her whole quirky style and vibe.

For this I have to thank both Afrobella and that one Gap ad I saw of hers not too long ago - I'm just so glad that she's getting a lot of love lately, both from the critics and the fans.

While "Tightrope" is her big single, I'm more partial to "Cold War," shown here.

This video has been shown extensively on Channel V (we get the Malaysia/ Singapore feed on that, by the by - not that I'm complaining, since Channel V Philippines sounds like a big snooze to me), so imagine my surprise seeing this video on YouTube after weeks of thinking that her skin and lips looked a tad orange.

Though I'm guessing that Janelle would rather that we focus on the music, I have to say: Seriously - that lip gloss, with that little hint of gold in there, is just gorgeous. Same with the lashes and the eye makeup, too - paired with the hair and the skin, the whole thing is quite reminiscent of Annie Lennox, and I mean this as a serious compliment. Something tells me that the stylist in charge also used some MAC here, as well, since the colors remind me of the collections that came out this year.

As for the video itself: We've seen videos where the singer starts crying while lipsyncing (see also: "Warwick Avenue" by Duffy) but I think the point here is about control. Look at how she just loses it and fans herself in the middle of it all, before she sheds that one tear without ruining her mascara; it's the straight-up stress of getting this whole thing done in one take, which goes well with the lyrics of the song.

All in all, a great video for a great song, made even better by gorgeous styling.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Last Song Syndrome: The Theme Song of the Week

I spent all of last week recovering from dengue fever at the hospital.

I'm back at home now, and doing better... but I'm still not quite "there" yet, mentally and emotionally, and the fact that my laptop is (kind of) broken doesn't help matters.

That's why I have to take another break from this blog until I get my stuff in order from here on forward.

In the meantime, please feel free to look through the Domesticity archives for some of my best entries within the last few, which I'm sure you'll enjoy immensely. Thanks, guys. :)

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Fun With Screengrabs

Dear Lush:

From this year's collection of Lush Christmas products. Drool. 

If I buy this lip balm, does that mean Bob Blumer will show up at my house and make out with me?

(Or at least tell me that he has created his own version of Razon's Halo-Halo using bananas poached in maple syrup. That would be awesome. And hot.)

And speaking of Lush:

This ad actually showed up on my blog a few days ago (thanks, Nuffnang) and immediately I thought, "Dang, they finally made a drugstore version of Coalface?" Mind, I've never washed my face with any kind of black carbon technology whatnots, but I did learn from reading Lush Times that the black stuff is often recommended for folks with oily skin. That's enough for me to buy the "cleansing impurities" angle, since I've seen a lot of girls out here with all sorts of acne problems regardless of skin color.

Now if only we could get the marketing monkeys to admit that they're only using the "whitening" angle to sell product that actually does nothing for pigmentation...

Friday, October 08, 2010

What's Your (Ruined) Fantasy: The "Oh, Honey, NO" Edition

Since it's been the kind of week where LOLs are few and far between, I've been checking out The Internet Never Forgets, which posts cheesy pictures of (currently) hot actors during the hungriest periods of their life.

There are a lot of gems to be had here; the entire sections for Jared Leto and Jensen Ackles alone should supply you with enough cringeworthy laughs for a lifetime, to say the least of Robert Pattinson and Brad Pitt.

THIS, however, is my favorite one of all: 

"Someday soon I'm gonna make you a vampire. Da doo NOM NOM NOM, da doo NOM NOM."

Yes, I know that Ian Somerhalder rarely takes a bad picture; this archive is proof of that. Still and all though, it's proof that no sane male should ever attempt to take their hairstyling cues from Shaun Cassidy circa 1978.

(Apropos of nothing, I used to have a Shaun Cassidy T-shirt that I inherited from my sister... who, for the sake of this discussion, counts him as one of her lame celebrity ex-boyfriends, alongside Leif Garrett. If we had known that cable television and the Internet were going to be invented, we would never have spent so much time squee-ing our heads out at the Record Bar section of SM Makati.)  

To compensate for this, I shall direct you to a relatively non-heinous picture of Mr. Somerhalder himself.

I am aware that his face is kind of crooked... but still, not that hard to look at from my point of view. Also, you're welcome. 

Sunday, October 03, 2010

This Week, (Once Again) In Pictures

Sorry for the inconsistent posts. It's just been a crazy week, what with my Dad's birthday (yay!), the crippling stress I get from computing final grades (sad face), and being bombarded by neighbors with karaoke problems (blech) - not to mention overdosing on cake. Here's how I'm dealing right now:

- The IKEA cookbook. I cannot bake and will probably not set foot in an IKEA store unless I end up in Stockholm, but I am obsessed with the high quality of design for this one. The picture shown above is for a "Radio Cake," so called because the slices look like little transistor radios.

- Professor Green. It's hard to classify this guy without pointing out the influences. He's kind of like The Streets, but with better pronunciation; he's the British Eminem, but half as angry. Either way, I'm obsessed with the two singles that he has released this year, if only for the back-to-back sampling of my favorite '90s dance tunes.

I Need You TonightJust Be Good to Green (Feat. Lily Allen)

- Cloth masks. I finally got to try one of the masks from Kuri's care package. and it was a practical game changer for me. Not only was it more pleasant than using my regular face masks, but it actually felt really relaxing. Plus the results were amazing: my skin actually felt very much calmed down and smooth. Just make sure not to rinse off afterwards, though, since the liquids on the cloth mask are actually serums that are meant to be massaged on the skin. 

For similar products, check out the ones below: 
Kose Clearturn White Marine Collagen Paper Facial Mask
Kose Clearturn White Coenzyme Q10 Paper Facial Mask