Saturday, July 30, 2011

Spotted in Sydney

From the ABC Shop inside the Queen Victoria Building. (Not to be confused with the ABC stores in Waikiki.)


Poh Ling Yeow cookbooks and mugs, right on the first row! (Yay swag!)

Rafe Spall. Desperate Romantics. Swoon.
(But wait: Anonymous AND M:I4 in the same year? Somebody wants me dead. Lulz.)

Friday, July 29, 2011

Randomesticity: The Doldrums of July

So: I'm back.

I'm taking a break from novel writing (which I'm still doing, even though I'm already past the 50K mark for Camp NaNoWriMo) but I'm not going to deny that scads of things have happened while I was away. Some of it was very personal, like the professional setback that started with a bureaucratic boo-boo and ended up costing me more than it should. Some of it was awesome, like meeting up with old classmates and discovering TweetDeck.

(I kid you not, Twitter users. TweetDeck will shave seconds out of your tweet-addicted lives, especially when you are as addicted as I am and prone to joining games.)

And some were... okay, will somebody please explain to me why and how The Hotness ended up in the same car as John Krasinski not too long ago? (No, seriously. We are practically one step away from finally seeing that karaoke video, which also means that it should not be long before The Hotness shows up in Manila for the sole purpose of propositioning me at Robot Bar. Make it happen, universe.)

Plus there's also the shoutout I got from longtime friends Ryan and Jen on Popspotting, which totally made my month. Yes, that's my July for me. :)

So what can we expect now? Here are a few things to get us started for August:

- A few thoughts on the Manila blogverse. Granted, I personally feel like I'm lagging behind compared to bloggers like Divasoria (check out her excellent beauty posts here) but I also feel like there are areas where I could probably still catch up.

- Speaking of blog trends: There's something I really, really need to get off my chest regarding my addiction to blind items. Seriously. I blame myself for this one.

- An update on the whole dermatologist front. Yes, you will finally see the words "Meimei" and "microdermabrasion" in the same sentence.

- And, for a change: Girlcrushes!

See you guys in August. :)

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Oh, No, Not Another Vacation

Multiple Choice: Meimei may not be updating Domesticity too much because:

a) She's spending more time on Twitter
b) Her day job won't let her
c) The Hotness has finally decided to take her out on a proper date (purple hair be damned) at an undisclosed and highly private location (ie. far, far away from Tom Cruise)
d) THIS:

Yes, I am crazy enough to write a 50,000-word novel in July, but that's the beauty of Camp NaNoWriMo: I don't have to wait until November for the muse to strike, as long as I can get the ball rolling and take out all my energy on the creative process... especially now that I have a lot of pent-up frustration (ahem) to unleash on all of these pages.

Also because writing it in August would be highly inconvenient due to the day job in question.

Wanna know what I'm writing about for this project? Read all about it here

See you guys in August!

Monday, July 04, 2011

Will This Madness Ever END???

Ignore the Tom Cruise for a moment there. Scratch that, ignore the Tom Cruise altogether. You all know why I'm posting this.

The Hotness, in all his potato-faced glory, stuffed into a white dress shirt with his sleeves rolled up. Do I have to repeat that? Because I would totally marry make out with him if he keeps dressing that way. Damn.

(You know you have it bad for someone when even the sight of his forearms makes your ovaries start to quiver. Trust me.)

Still doesn't mean that I take back all those karaoke-related things I said in the past week, though.

Friday, July 01, 2011

What's Your Karaoke

See, this is the kind of thing that makes me love John Krasinski and Jason Segel more so than possible.

And THIS is the kind of thing that actually makes me like Novak Djokovic a little more, even if I like him best when Uncle Roger beats him at tennis.

For comparison's sake, here's the original video where Shakira gets to sexy-dance for Rafael Nadal.

...I'm just saying.