Thursday, December 23, 2010

Merry Christmas from Domesticity!

Insert inevitable joke about cats and shiny things here. (Photo taken at Resorts World Manila.)
Domesticity will be taking a short but overdue Christmas break in order to enjoy the holidays as much as possible before returning with more fun entries and beauty goodies for sharing.

In the meantime, please feel free to check out the Polyvore Mini-Editor feature on this blog to put together your own Polyvore collages for viewing! (I might even throw in more Polyvore stuff before the year ends, as well.)

Merry Christmas and Season's Greetings from Domesticity!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Our Time in Eden: The Polyvore Set

One of my many new writing projects involves a semi-autobiographical coming of age story set in Indonesia, where I lived during the early Nineties. Yes, I still can't believe it's been twenty years since grunge started taking a hold on popular culture, and I still think that there's a part of me that regrets a lot of the boneheaded things I used to do in the name of Kurt Cobain.

Like many of my writing projects, however, I have also begun the process of developing characterization through art-direction... and since it is a semi-autobiographical story, I might as well do a little wardrobe editing so that the folks in my story would wear the things that I wish I'd worn during that time, as opposed to the things I actually wore in the process.

my time in eden

This Polyvore set is chock full of items that I would have worn If I Had Known Sooner, which explains why I passed on the Doc Martens and Colors de Benetton in favor of espadrilles and Midnight Pomegranate. Then again, it's not like I'm denying the fact that I wore red lipstick with winged black eyeliner practically almost single day, so you can't say that I didn't try hard enough.

Which brings us to a new feature here on Domesticity.

Polyvore now has the Mini-Editor feature, which invites readers to put together their own Polyvore set on this blog. Think of it as taking a shot at doing your own set based on the given theme of each entry - like  Design*Sponge, but more interactive. You don't necessarily have to have a Polyvore account to work with the editor; in fact, you can even add more items if the selections (shown below) leave a lot to be desired.

And since the theme for this entry is "grunge," I'd like to see your own interpretation of the grunge years, for a change. Did you wear your Doc Martens with pride? Did you buy a lot of flannel shirts because of Eddie Vedder? How many fashion and music cues did you take from Sassy magazine? (Or did you even start reading Sassy in the first place, after getting sick and tired of all those side-ponytailed tarts on Teen and YM? Because truth to tell, by the time I was a junior in high school, I was more than happy to trade in my copies of Sassy for Allure and Entertainment Weekly.) Or did you miss it by a few generations, and would be more than happy to get creative with it in the first place?

That's our intro for this entry. Now get to work!

Get your own Mini Editor from Polyvore

Monday, December 20, 2010

What's Your Fantasy: Accent Coaching Edition

Maybe it's my inner theater geek talking here, but lately I've noticed that I have a real thing for guys who speak with accents. And not just any accent, come to think of it, but accents spoken by native English speakers from actual English-speaking countries.

Consider the following:

1) Colin Firth (but of course!) as a stuttering royal in The King's Speech, with the added bonus of Helena Bonham Carter as the Queen Mum (complete with gentrified Scottish accent) and Geoffrey Rush as a London-based Aussie.

2) Gerard Butler (again: but of course!) delivering the weather forecast for GMTV, which goes without saying.

3) Garrett Hedlund, born and raised in Northern Minnesota - but trained to bend inflections according to each role.

4) Curtis Stone, proving that a natural Australian accent doesn't always have to scrape the eardrums when done right.

5) Bono, introducing "the song Charles Manson stole from The Beatles" in that unmistakable brogue.

6) ...And then there's this clip, which is one of two great examples of how an untempered Canadian accent could get me in trouble if I'm not careful enough. (The other great example, in case you were wondering, can be found here.)

And since I can't just put all of this up without giving some love to the homegrown talent, here's my favorite commercial for Greenwich Pizza, starring the walking cuteness that is John Lloyd Cruz - and one heck of a catchphrase, at around the 0:42 mark.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Monday, December 06, 2010

Pump and Lift, Episode 19.5: More Work in Progress

Molten chocolate cake from Circles at Makati Shangri-La, taken on my birthday. OM NOM NOM NOM.

So, self, how's the diet and exercise going?
- Dang! I knew I forgot to write about something! You know, I -

We know, we know. First you had the dengue, then there was NaNoWriMo, and in between all of that you started teaching again and resumed your long term relationship with your TV. And don't get me started with - 
Can we please not talk about all those "dear Mei we get it" archives? The less I have to think about these things, the better.

Fine, then. So let's get back to diet and exercise. 
I admit it, I'm getting very lazy these days. It doesn't really help that we're in the middle of December and party season's just getting started right about now. Do you think that I should -

Honey, put the eyeliner down and talk to me. 
So here's the rest of the story. It's been two months now, I'm finally down to 151, and my friends can't stop raving about how much weight I've lost and how awesome I look these days. Which is fine and all, but somehow it's given me another reason to start acting all smug about my weight loss. And now that my novel-to-be is finished (which I'm editing the heck out of, by the way, before the next writing challenge comes around), I don't feel that sense of excitement any more... like I'm more depressed than usual, in a weird way, and no amount of work or meditation can get me out of it.

So it manifests in so many different ways. It starts with the extra spoonful of rice, or the plate full of chicken cutlets. Then it balloons and turns into more rice, more carbs, more chocolate, and the next thing you know I'm cranky and overstimulated again.

Girl, you've got ISSUES. 
I know. My priorities are totally not where they're supposed to be right now. Meanwhile I'm worried about my "good cholesterol" because it's not going to be a good day once I find out that it's hereditary and I have to go on meds for that. So now...

Now it's December, and you're trying to get back on the bandwagon. Do you remember that package of exercise videos that Scribey just sent to you? 
Why, yes...

Cindy Crawford - Shape Your Body WorkoutCindy Crawford - Next Challenge Workout

C'mon, it's Cindy. Scribey and I used to work out to these videos back in college - why should I stop there?

Jillian Michaels - 30 Day Shred

Seriously speaking, though, it would be terribly foolish for me to not try this at all. Though I wouldn't worry so much if I end up doing more of a 60-Day Shred, at this pace.

Cardio Burn Sculpt
And then there's Tanja Djelevic. I haven't looked at the video Scribey just sent to me (*gulp* sorry, luv!) but once I do, I'll make sure to squeeze this in.

See? Now you've got enough exercise videos to last you through the next few months, and you might not even need shoes for most of them. Your bestie just did you a solid there.
That's true. But there is one last problem...

The boob-wrangling. 
Yes, the boob-wrangling! I now have to wear one of my old bras over my usual 38C so the girls would stay strapped in place! Seriously, though, I'm determined to find a way around this.

And you should, once the post-holiday sales start cropping up. 

But promise me that you'll at least start walking again if you start slacking off. 
Of course I will. There's no way for me to burn off those unplayed eps of This American Life that I missed out on all November.

Sunday, December 05, 2010

Holidays With an Extra Punch

This holiday look from Smashbox intrigues me. 

Taken as a screencap from my email account. 

Here's how to achieve it, from the Smashbox website: 

Apropos of nothing, this is the second time I've mentioned a lip product named "Maple" in this blog. Hm.

Compare this to the "holiday" looks sweeping the Philippine press these days, using examples from Preview magazine

November 2010: Cristine Reyes, looking very much like a cross between Maggie Cheung and a cleaned-up Amy Winehouse (not a bad thing, let's face it)
December 2010: Model/ designer/ makeup artist/ reality show darling (and current national girlcrush) Solenn Heussaff;  check out a list of colors and techniques used here
There really is nothing wrong with all three looks, to be honest; mileage always varies when it comes to makeup, so there's no universal rule saying that everyone should only adopt Trend X, Y, or Z in any case. 

Which leads us to the next point: Who says we have to stick closely to the script when it comes to beauty? Maybe you do want to wear sparkly eyeshadow with the flashiest gown in your closet, or maybe you're the kind of person who could pull off a smoky monochromatic mauve with your office-to-party outfit. That doesn't mean you can't shake it up a bit. Maybe you should start with a monochromatic face and add a bit of black eyeliner. Or take the same black eyeliner and pair it with some bronzer and/or shocking pink lips for a little walk on the wild side. 

(Aside: I wouldn't be surprised if Santa handed the perpetually naughty Cristine Reyes a tube of  Nicki Minaj's Pink 4 Friday lipstick from MAC; she could probably pull it off, too.) 

Either way, this should teach us that we can all afford to be a little more adventurous when it comes to fabulousness during this prime party season. Cheers!