Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Obligatory Acknowledgement of Lent, 2008 Edition

Dear Roman Catholic community in Singapore:

I guess I can understand why you think this whole business with Blue Q's Looking Good for Jesus products may seem just a leetle bit sacrilegious, if not downright disrespectful. I can see why you would take offense to a bath-product line that also offers a statue of the Son of God alongside the hand and body lotion. Let's face it, we all agree that lip balm or soap alone won't make anyone look good in the eyes of Christ.


My former parish priest (who has since moved up to the Diocese of Honolulu) is not the most liberal priest in this otherwise liberal state. Far from it, in fact; not for nothing did this guy study theology in Rome for years. And yet, he is also the proud owner of this fine product from Blue Q's other borderline-sacrilegious line:

...Well, of course Father knows that you can't "Wash Away Your Sins" with a bar of soap. But that doesn't mean he won't use it... or proudly show it off to his guests at the rectory by putting the box next to all the other awesome gag gifts that he has received.

Moral of the story: Just because you're Catholic - or a good Christian, for that matter - doesn't mean you can't have a sense of humor. Especially when it comes to other people's attempts at sacrilege.

Think about it.


Somebody Who Shouldn't Be Casting the First Stone (see John 8:11)

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