Saturday, July 30, 2005

Domesticity Friday #1: Cake, Cetaphil, and Australians

Okay, so this is the fourth post of the night, but I guess I'm just so happy to have another outlet again that I can't help it. So in honor of Domesticity's birthday I'm going to initiate a weekly tradition of posting random thoughts on Friday. Here we go:

- Those of you who read today's post about my makeup meltage know that my normal-to-dry complexion has a tendency of getting greasy in hot weather. That's why I've gotten attached to my Cetaphil Gentle Cleansing Bar - it gives my face a nice, freshly cleansed feeling without feeling too dry, filmy, or itchy. And it's probably the only cleanser I've ever used that didn't make my skin even worse for using it.

- Okay, I have no shame in admitting that I've been watching Rock Star: INXS. Granted, I've probably written term papers with better editing and continuity than every episode, and there's no way that anyone will ever replace my beloved Michael Hutchence, but I can't help it. The songs! The crazy contestants! The House Band! Middle-aged Australian men with foxy speaking voices! And the bitch-faced reaction shots during bad performances are even more priceless than anything Simon, Randy, and Paula can come up with after four seasons of American Eye Dull, I mean Idol. Plus MiG Ayesa (in spite of his slight resemblance to a younger version of my Dad - hmmm, Electra complex, much?) has now joined Chad Hugo and on my list of Filipino Guys Who Should Be More Famous On Their Own By Now.

- Which reminds me: I've also been listening to the version of "Tempted" that Squeeze did for the Reality Bites soundtrack. LOVE. THAT. SONG.

- Am I the only person who actually doesn't mind all the stuff from Sears' Ty Pennington Style line? I don't even like the guy that much, for crying out loud, but the bedsheets can't be THAT bad - or can it?

- Currently snacking on chocolate cake. Because, really, when you've gone through a month's worth of throat infections like I have, you'd be jonesing for chololate cake, too.

- My humps, my humps, my humps. And what's with all the fading lipstick, anyway? (Thanks, Fug Girls!)

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