Friday, December 08, 2006

Retiring the Makeup

A moment of silence for the following former staples of my makeup bag:

- L'Oreal Feel Naturale blush in Mocha Rose: I unintentionally broke the mirror in the compact, but you could say that it was a long time coming - I hadn't been using this one lately because it was beginning to look muddy on me. I saved the brush, though.

- Avon Glazewear lip gloss: Can't say which one it was, since I've peeled off the labels, but I opened it one day and both the texture and the smell turned on me. Straight to the garbage it went. It's been two years, anyway.

- L'Oreal HIP lipstick in Driven*: MIA since Halloween. Don't know where it went. The HIP lipgloss in Gallant is a similar shade and an OK substitute, though. I think I should also add that HIP is probably the best mass-retailer lipstick that I have ever tried - okay, this and probably Maybelline's Moisture Extreme - and I'll be happy to repurchase this one again, even in a different shade.

They say that you have to throw out at least two items to make room for something new. If so, I wonder what my next purchase is going to be? Hmmm...

In other news, I think I'm now doing a better job of grooming my eyebrows than any waxer ever could - either that, or the stress has gotten so much to me that I've practically tweezed off every unsightly-looking stray hair I could find. Mind you, I'm still keeping the basic shape that I ended up with two weeks ago, so I really should lay off on the arches for a while -- but, seriously, taking a tweezer to your own eyebrows (with a careful and loving hand, I should add; I most definitely DO NOT condone tweezing yourself bald) is the best way to kill time and tension between papers. Plus, if you look awake, you WILL be awake.

*EDITED 12/23/2006: I don't have to buy a replacement for this lipstick because I FINALLY FOUND IT! It was hiding in my bathroom next to the Q-Tips all this time! And the lipstick's name is Driven, not Defiant. Still, a lovely cranberry color, and perfect for the holidays.

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