Sunday, January 07, 2007

Domesticity Retail Roundup, January 2007

I don't know if this counts as "good" or "bad," but I did drop $39 at Lush Ala Moana yesterday. It was all part of a plan to, ahem, help the store clear out the holiday merch, and it made me a little guilty because I thought I was indulging myself too much. But consider the stash I ended up with....

- Lemony Flutter Cuticle Cream. I used to think that there was no way that anyone could ever improve on Burt's Bees Lemon Butter Cuticle Creme - and in fact, I was fanatic enough to introduce this genius product to my Mom when she started complaining about her cuticles. Yet, when I road-tested this cream in the store, I loved the results so much that I decided to snap it up. I'm telling you, one tub of Lemony Flutter may be twice the size (and price) of a Burt's Bees, but it's also a definite step up. What's not to love? While the Burt's Bees creme is a lot more solid and matte (great for everyday work) the Lemony Flutter starts out looking and feeling buttery, but sinks in quite nicely. Since I do a lot of work with my hands (and bite my hangnails a lot) I need something that doesn't require too much work to use; and I've found that the butteriness of the Lemony Flutter works well with remoisturizing all the dry spots on my fingers. Added bonus: The butter also left my nails with a "just-buffed" sheen, thereby saving me tons of money on manicures for the next few months.

- Sweet Japanese Girl exfoliating bar. This isn't my first time buying this, and in fact this is more of a love/hate product for me because I broke out the first time I used it. Then again, considering the weather and the temperature outside, I wasn't going to spend any amount of money on just about any skincare product, so I got this and finally got the correct technique down: Warm the bar in your fingertips, massage buttery/scrubby stuff on face, then remove everything with wet cotton ball. Would you believe how much mileage I got from this baby? It took me two cotton balls to rinse off - one for each half of my face - and every single time I finished washing off the cotton balls always ended up really, really dark. That's a lot of grunge and dead skin cells right there! I wouldn't recommend it on the T-zone (and if you do use it there, use a toner to rinse off) but it's a perfect once-a-week cold weather treatment for dry spots on the cheeks and jawline. I also found that SJG also works wonders on my neck area and decolletage, which always get grungy at the end of the day. No more ring around the collar!

- Oxeo Cube deodorant. At the risk of giving away TMI, I've been having problems with my underarm deodorant lately, and not because of the whole aluminum thing - seems like every single time I use my regular deo, it would work OK but then my pits would start itching like heck and I'll have to stop wearing the stuff anyway. ANNOYING! So it was a choice between this and the deodorant powders, but I eventually went with the Oxeo Cube because 1) it was easier to apply; 2) I liked the scent (a fresh, powdery floral/herbal); and 3) the salesgirl said so. Anyway, besides all three points, I like how the Cube's powdery texture stays on your pits and keeps you sweat-free. And because I never seem to find my deodorant when I need it, I keep the Cube in a place where I'm sure to find it: in my desk drawer, next to my school supplies, to keep it dry and non-humidified.

- I Love Juicy shampoo. The smallest size. Hey, I'm almost out of shampoo. Haven't tried this yet, but hoping to do so when I get around to it.

And for my fabulous freebies, I got the Merry Christmas massage bar (the Fever was getting pretty lonely ever since Sleepy Head melted away into nothing and It's A Pleasure Treasure got lost in transit) and a sample of Ring of Roses buttercream, which I might road-test some time soon.


In other news:

- Tried Sally Hansen's Brush-On Hair Remover for Face. Good news: The hair finally, FINALLY went away without the annoying sting or chemical smell. Bad news: I left it on way too long, and now I have the usual post-depilatory stubbly dead skin on my upper lip. Am currently remedying this with a combo of Lush SJG (the buttery underside, not the stubbly bits) and Aveeno Ultra-Calming cream.

- Purchased from the supermarket: Sunsilk Anti-Flat Weightless Volumizing Creme. Not hoping for much on the volumizing side, since I know Sunsilk tends to be more moisturizing (hey, at least I got a nice leave-in conditioner out of this) but if I blend it with my usual thickening stuff I might get some kind of vavoom going on.

- From Ross Dress For Less: a yoga mat, to replace the other one. Better than having to waste another good bath towel.

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