Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Four-Eyed Domesticity!

So: I finally picked up my first set of reading glasses today at Sears.

(Forgive the craptastic lighting here; to my credit, at least the shots match the vintage look of the frames.)
Don't worry; my vision is still pretty much 20/20 for the most part - it's just that I need these to help me read and pay attention to more detailed reading material, like books and field-related forms.

Pair #1 (Covington frames in Dark Amber, $49.99) happens to be everyone's favorite; there's a bit of a Tina Fey/ Clark Kent vibe to them, and the thick frames are a nice counterpoint to my Kewpie-doll face. (In the "moody" photo, above, they also make me look a little like my own Dad - not much of a stretch, since he also used to wear dark, thick frames before he switched to bifocal aviators.) Really, really cute... though I'll be the first to admit that they're too cute for me to tote around and bandy about in public, especially since I'm not as good about not keeping my sunglasses where they ought to be.

Pair #2 (Thornton & Banks square wire frames, $19.99) caught my eye at the store - not just for the price, but also for the '50s-style design. On the rack it looks pretty masculine, but here it's deceptively lightweight and feminine. (And if the first pair made me look like my Dad, these ones make me look like the carbon copy of my Mom... plus she already wears a similar pair of bifocals, too, with cat-eye frames instead of square ones.) I don't mind wearing these out in public, either - and not because it should keep bartenders and liquor-store clerks from carding me, although it might not help with store clerks who already refer to me as "Mrs. Meimei." I actually road-tested these by reading the latest issue of Lush Times (seriously, Lush North America - could you shrink your typefaces any more than you already do?) and while my eyes still needed getting used to, at least I was able to really concentrate and take my time reading.

I love both pairs equally, but I thought I'd open it up to the readers to see which pair is sassier: Would it be the thick-set superhero specs, or the more debonair square half-wires? Comments welcome below.

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Anonymous said...

I love pair #1! Very cool. Very Tina Fey