Friday, August 29, 2008

Cult of MAC, Part 3: Lime Slice

I have to close out my MAC Cult of Cherry series with a view of the eye look seen here:

Lovely, isn't it? Chantel from the MAC store started out with the Cream Colour Base in Pearl, then proceeded to use shades from the Spiced Chocolate and Tempting quads.

Tempting, of course, is the star of this look, especially when you consider that gorgeous shade of chartreuse (MAC calls it Sharp) that ends up in the crease.

Jude of The Girly Show demonstrates a similar eye look both on her blog and her YouTube channel (seriously, this girl is the American version of UK's Lauren Luke), but she does make an excellent point - this look can be replicated on your own, if you already have similar colors in your collection and an equally deft hand with the brushes.

In my case, I didn't cave on Tempting because I already have way too many neutral eyeshadows at home. I mentioned this to Chantel because I had been eyeing all of the other green eyeshadows and I wanted something as close as possible to Sharp - closer to lime than apple or mint.

After much swatching, Chantell and I found a perfect counterpart: Bitter, which isn't as frosty as the Sharp, but shares the same acid yellow-green base tone.

(picture was color-corrected using Photoshop Express)

I've experimented with recreating the Cult of Cherry looks several times since this makeover, and while I still have yet to master eyeshadow contouring, I will say that the Bitter eyeshadow really makes the look - especially when blended with a bronze or brown eyeshadow to create the appropriate je ne sais quoi. Not to mention that it does make my brown eyes stand out with a vengeance. :)

Now I have a solid collection of workhorse basics and a few zingers to throw in whenever I feel especially adventurous. Looks like I'm set for the rest of the season!

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