Thursday, November 06, 2008

These Are Not the Pants That You Are Looking For...

...And yet, I still bought these low-rise "trouser jeans" from Old Navy because I needed jeans for my current job assignment (part of the dress code), but I was already short of money and had no time to have a proper pair hemmed.
Right now the denim on these babies are as stiff as heck, so I'm working on wearing them every day to get them as stretched-out as I possibly can for the next few days. I know, I know - they're supposed to be capris, which explain why they're tight in the cuff area (about half an inch above my ankles) - but I've shopped for pants at Old Navy long enough to know that they always end up getting that desired beat-up softness in a few wearings, no matter how tight they are in the beginning.

Besides, I kinda like how my butt looks in 'em.

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