Thursday, December 31, 2009


As I am writing this, I am home with yet another respiratory infection (good gravy, these things are an annual thing for me), so it does sound like I'm ending 2009 the same way I started it: in terrible health. Many things have happened in between, though, and 2010 looks quite optimistic in comparison - especially with a new teaching job in January, with a possibility of a renewed career in education down the pike. So, in the spirit of New Year's Eve, I will put forth some of my hopes for 2010.
  • Concentrate more on making my own "good" than reacting to other people's "bad."
  • More running, more yoga, more dancing.
  • Also: more vegetables, more fruit, more soup, more herbal tea.
  • Definitely more decaf.
  • Hopefully more time for books.
  • More pictures to post on this blog.
  • More... um, material of note to post on this blog. (Hee.)
  • Meditation. As often as possible.
  • Give up on the dating/marriage thing, for now, so I can fully concentrate on what really matters: God, career, family, and friends.
  • Better grooming. My new job has a strict policy regarding good grooming, but they'd rather you show up on time than blame your tardiness on your style issues. Therefore, I resolve to bring makeup and a hairbrush to work.
  • Start working on an honest-to-goodness schedule - for work, for home, for everything - and stick with all of it.
  • Create more room for empathy. Or, at the very least, diplomacy and mutual respect, even for those who disagree with me.
Until then, I wish you all a safe and wonderful beginning to your Happy New Year!

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kuri said...

nice set of resolutions!
I would make my own, but I've decided to take it one day at a time this year.