Monday, June 28, 2010

Randomesticity: Beyond the Makeover

While the last few entries on this blog have been occupied with all things weight-related, I also haven't neglected my beauty-blogging duties either. Here's what's to come in future editions of Domesticity:

- I may (or may not) have discovered the Holy Grail for my hair. Hint: it involves a sulfate-free shampoo that cleans beyond my expectations.

- I'm also entering my first entry for a blog contest sponsored by the folks at Nuffnang Philippines... and the only thing that's keeping me from finishing it - which is, of course, my career - may actually hold the key to making this entry even more awesome.

- Speaking of awesome: As much as I don't always agree with Dingdong Dantes - first and foremost being that he's a grown man who chooses to call himself "Dingdong" - we do share a few things in common... which will be eventually addressed in a future Case for the Basics post.

- Also: More hotness from all corners of the world. It may or may not involve El Dingdong (because pictures of otherwise hot Filipino guys will never get old) but it will involve some extensive poking-around through the Google Images archive.

- Yes, I'm about to jump on the Michelle Phan bandwagon - a few months too late, but on the bandwagon nonetheless.

 - And finally... There's a surprise brewing that I can't really tell you about right now. I really can't spoil it here, but I promise you that it's definitely in line with what this blog has always been about for the last five years! 

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