Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Domesticity Moments: Bondi Beach, SYD

I was just looking at this picture the other day (because I'm vain like that - hello, would I be a beauty blogger if I wasn't?) and I immediately thought, "Hey, my skin looks pretty good here."

My secret? THIS:

Yes, SUNSCREEN! Or, to be specific, NIVEA Sun Moisturizing Sunscreen Lotion. The version I have at home has an SPF of 50 PA++, which means that the stuff is highly capable of filtering out UVA rays on top of providing regular sun protection. Perfect on a day like this, where the crazy combination of bright sunlight and a brisk cold wind can do a number on one's skin.

A caveat, though: This sunscreen also contains titanium dioxide and bismuth - both excellent physical sun-blocking ingredients, but could also be potentially irritating to the skin, on top of making darker-skinned folks look chalky. I personally didn't mind them in this context, but anyone who has a problem with these ingredients may want to take that into consideration.

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