Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Oh, No, Not Another Vacation

Multiple Choice: Meimei may not be updating Domesticity too much because:

a) She's spending more time on Twitter
b) Her day job won't let her
c) The Hotness has finally decided to take her out on a proper date (purple hair be damned) at an undisclosed and highly private location (ie. far, far away from Tom Cruise)
d) THIS:

Yes, I am crazy enough to write a 50,000-word novel in July, but that's the beauty of Camp NaNoWriMo: I don't have to wait until November for the muse to strike, as long as I can get the ball rolling and take out all my energy on the creative process... especially now that I have a lot of pent-up frustration (ahem) to unleash on all of these pages.

Also because writing it in August would be highly inconvenient due to the day job in question.

Wanna know what I'm writing about for this project? Read all about it here

See you guys in August!

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