Friday, August 26, 2011

Today's Dispatch: Skin and Tones

This week's tutorial was brought to you by Pixiwoo.

- Since I already brought up my new dermatologist last time, I might as well share the rest of the regimen with you guys right now. I currently use proprietary prescription-strength products for my sensitive skin, but I think this can be easily replicated with OTC products as well.
  • DAY: Gentle cleanser, followed by oil-free moisturizer mixed with refining cream, and BB cream blended on top. 
  • NIGHT: Gentle cleanser, followed by creamy moisturizer mixed with refining cream (on a relatively moist face), and a little cortisone cream for red spots. 
  • PRODUCT SUBS: The cleanser I have right now is basically a creamier version of Cetaphil, which is not too hard to find at your local stores. I already mentioned BB creams in my previous posts, but you can also use an oil-free tinted moisturizer with sunblock instead. (The cream I'm using is similar in consistency and coverage to Benefit's You Rebel.) 
And after the jump: Too much analysis to bear, just for one single picture.

- I have always found this picture amusing ever since I saw this on Crazy Days and Nights. My favorite part is the grin on Loki - er, Tom Hiddleston - who looks like he's having the grandest old time hanging out with these great folks. (I know I would, if I were in his place.) That said, however, I'm beginning to worry about my beloved Potatoface McHotness here, because... well, obviously, being a Hotness does come at a massive price on one's well-being, and I'm afraid that all of that hard work and (alleged) hard partying is going to turn him into the gnome version of Gerard Butler if he's not careful. So I'll spare you the hand-wringing and call it right now: The Hotness will fall apart from exhaustion before the end of the year.

- But if The Hotness must fall apart from exhaustion, wouldn't it still kill him to haul his pasty ass over to the Philippines? There have been some reliable reports going around the country about The Farm at San Benito acting as a rehab facility for certain upper-tier celebs, which does not surprise me at all; it's close enough to the city and the airport, and far enough to avoid a prying eye or two. (Not to mention a few hours away from the Hacienda - um, not that I've thought about going there to drop off Skyflakes and a whole Buko Pie at his doorstep when it happens, oh, no no no.)

EDITED to add pictures of Gerard Butler to this entry - see the lovely one on the left - because... seriously, Gerry, how could you fall to the same dreaded Dehydrated Muppet Face Syndrome currently afflicting Jude Law and Matthew McConaughey? And so soon in your career? I mean, I hate to nag like I'm already Mrs. Hotness, but looking at Gerry's face now makes me wonder if I should ask my man to, like, lay off on whatever it is he's doing right now and go on some kind of supervised cleanse thingamajig before he agrees to get photographed in public again. Really.

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