Tuesday, October 04, 2005

The Case for Mondays

Or: Here we go again, another posting made up of Meimei's random thoughts

- Yo, yo, check out the new set of links for this blog. I've arranged my links in terms of regular reads and favorite blogs, so you can go ahead and click through 'em.

- Actual conversation that happened not too long ago with my sister. I kid you not.

Mei: I just saw the cover of the new Tyler Florence cookbook.
Sis: Yeah?
Mei: Looks like he gained a lot of weight.
Sis: Hmm.
Mei: In some of the pictures [in the book] he kinda reminded me of Jesse James from Monster Garage, with the beard and the pudge...
Sis: ...Eh, still cute.
Sis: I also noticed that he's wearing a wedding ring....

(Mei nearly drops coffee)

- That said: Remember not too long ago when I wrote here about my secret wish for Michael Vartan to guest-star on Kitchen Confidential? Well, apparently somebody must've read this blog (again?) because - a la peanut butter sandwiches! - he's showing up as a chef not too long after getting killed off on Alias. Heh. Personally, I was hoping that he would challenge Bradley Cooper to a dance-off instead, but that's just me.

- Which reminds me: After all these posts about hot men of decorating, not-too-hot men of TV cooking shows, and other random cuteness, now's a good time as any for me to deliver a little Wentworth Miller to this blog, don't you think? (Then again, I am guilty of watching his stellar turn as Mariah Carey's dream guy in the otherwise schaedenfreude-licious video for "We Belong Together.")

- Currently after my money this week: Kanye West (that "Gold Digger" song cracked me up in spite of myself - hey, if even the team members in our youth ministry are quoting this song at length, there's got to be something there), the October issues of Domino and Allure, and the college bookstore... though if the prof in my next class decides not to use any of our assigned textbooks, I'd be home free and end up buying all of the above anyway.

- Speaking of stores that want my money: There's a sign at the Ala Moana Lush store that reads "Reserved for The Black Pearl." Apparently they're bringing in a new bath ballistic from the UK. Since I don't have a tub (and won't have access to one until I get to Vegas) I think I'll just stick to the shower jelly, thanks.

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