Thursday, June 08, 2006

The Case for Cramming it All In

So it's official: One more week until I leave. Yes, dear readers, my plane leaves Hawaii on the 14th, and I'm expected to land in Manila by the 15th. And if the universe continues to be kind to me, I should be back here by the 4th of July.

In the meantime, I've actually started packing. Well, the suitcase that holds my own stuff isn't packed yet - and even then, I believe my Mom when she says that we're going shopping when I'm there - but I've started on the suitcase that holds all the stuff I don't need, so I can give them away to my relatives.

It really does amaze me how much stuff I've accumulated all these years - years that have included shopping binges, "emergency" purchases, and other activities that have resulted in more stuff getting packed into my apartment. It's like what one of my friends told me after a recent trip to the Philippines: We don't realize how spoiled we get here in the States until we see all these people - some of them who may even be our own relatives - who have so little.

And I look at all the unworn skirts, tired sweaters, and too-tight blouses, and I think: I know a bunch of folks who can use this more than I do. Some of my cousins are not much older than I am, and not getting any younger; even if they don't wear what I have to give, I'm sure they can find a way to make it all work. I think about all the old school uniforms and Sunday-best outfits that I've given away, which they were able to get altered and re-tailored for their own needs.

It's not just the sweaters, either. I've actually packed a Ziploc full of cosmetics - decanted new lotions and hair products, unused powders, unopened samples, barely used lipsticks and nail polishes- all of which can be shared between friends and relatives. I remember the last time I was home and my cousin really admired my makeup bag; I taught her how to put on eyeshadow while she taught me how to use lipstick as a multitasking blush/highlighter. I plan on getting her some new stuff, too, so she can share in the bounty with me.


Speaking of new stuff: It's time for me to temporarily retire my backpack in favor of a new carry-on. I saw some cute rolling suitcases from DVF at Ross for less than $50, along with some cute messenger bags, gym-style overnighters and rolling backpacks at the luggage section. Or maybe I should carry a briefcase? Hmmm. Either way, I'll have to get them at Ross anyway, since they're on deep discount anyway.

(And because this never goes old: Ladies and gentlemen, the Manolo Mobile, Mark 1. Made in Marikina, bos!)

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