Saturday, June 10, 2006

Domesticity Friday: Taking One For The Team

I have a confession to make: I finally saw the video for the Paris Hilton song "Stars Are Blind."

Oh, okay, I didn't - I actually saw the first 30 seconds, and then the computer started sputtering on me. Which means that, once again, I should take this as an omen.

Can I just say something about it, though? That crap was NOT reggae. Even the worst reggae songs sound like canon classics next to Paris Hilton. Trust me, I already get enough bad bubblegum-pop reggae from the Hawaiian-music station. That song just sounded like the worst "Jawaiian" song ever recorded... and that is saying a whole lot, my friends.

(Note to Hawaiian-music radio programmers: If you ever put this song on the radio, don't be surprised if you get tons of angry listeners cussing out your DJs and threatening to burn down your radio stations in protest. Because, seriously? Paris Hilton? Is so not "island music.")

On the plus side, the guys in that video are hot.


Speaking of hot guys in videos: LeAnn Rimes video + Tyler "Nik Ol' Ass" Christopher = HOT. Sorry, folks, but that guy is like a gigantic bowl of Moose Tracks ice cream with extra cookies on top.

EDITED to add: Tonight's TV is Craig Ferguson with - surprise! - Ludacris. Aiiiiyyyy....

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