Monday, April 09, 2007

An Open Letter

To: Unilever USA and the powers-that-be behind Sunsilk in the United States
From: Me
Re: your new commercials

Sirs, I am a believer in your product, and I honestly think that you have a good enough brand worth trying by all women. So why are you all trying to muck it all up with all these super-annoying ads on my television?

First it's the catty voice-overs from the obviously gay "experts," and now it's the catty blondes making sarcastic remarks about how their hair makes them so much better than everyone else. (Yes, I'm aware that there's a brunette version, but c'mon - who are you fooling?) It's beginning to make me wonder if anyone in your company really, really cares about your target audience.

I just can't believe that you, of all people, would allow these ads to continue, especially since Sunsilk does share the same parent company as Dove - and y'all know how much we enjoy the Dove ads, even if we don't necessarily have to believe in the Dove product itself. Yeah, I know, the whole "Campaign for Real Beauty" can be a little too kum-ba-yah for most peoples' tastes, but that doesn't make the cattiness of the Sunsilk campaign any less annoying... or distastefully fake, for that matter.

Come to think of it, all those Sunsilk ads that I've been seeing on TV lately are beginning to make me wonder if you've hired the same ad agency who's handling the Burger King account right now.

Please make it stop - or I will have to ask my parents to start sending me Sunsilk from the Philippines so I won't have to spend American money on your product any more. At least the ad campaigns from our neck of the woods doesn't make me retch with all the forced snark.



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