Thursday, April 26, 2007

Randomesticity: TV Edition

I've been trying to keep myself relaxed by keeping the TV on, but so far it's not working. Here are a few reasons why...

- That damn Carnival Cruises ad. Yeah, that towel-puppy was super cute, but, dagnabbit, who on earth is that person they've hired to sing the jingle in the background? Every time I hear "In the morning, in the evening, ain't we've got fun" I get horrible flashbacks from the audition shows from American Idol. Is this supposed to be an improvement from Kathie Lee's pitchy singing?

- Dear Announcer Guy#1: The correct pronunciation for the word O`ahu is Oh-AHH-hoo. Please take note of this, because every time you tell me to go down to my "WAH-hoo" Ford dealer I am tempted to call up my Ford dealer and ask them why they're stealing car-dealership ads from Nebraska.

-Dear Announcer Guy #2: You know the place where they're going to show The Lion King here in Honolulu? It's the BlaisDELL Arena, not the BlaisDALE Arena. Geez, have a little respect, why don't you?

-I think I stay up late enough to let you all know that our late night infomercials are really, really lame. Seriously, every time I hear something about some late night scam or computer virus stopper, it makes me almost nostalgic for the Showtime Oven or the Magic Bullet. Or - heck, I'll say it - one of those infomercials where hot women tell the male viewers in the audience that their device can help them enlarge "a certain body part." Fantastic.

-... On the plus side, I have finally made peace with KGMB-9 News, or at least the 10 o'clock newscast. Not just for the sweet note that Cedric left for me a few months ago, or the fact that I saw Kim Gennaula right in front of me at Williams Sonoma (yep, she is just as perky IRL, but much more pleasant) and remembered a few nice things that she has done for some friends of mine. It's also because of the little, simpler things... like Keahi's blink-and-you'll-miss-it snark (seriously, guys, you have to watch the news live to catch it here and there... just tonight he was able to zing Dubya and Guy Hagi, which made me giggle insanely), or the sports profiles that don't focus on UH sports (kudos to Liz and Steve). Well played, news team.

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