Saturday, July 21, 2007

Domesticity Retail Round-Up, Summer 2007 Edition: Dragons and Tigers and All-Stars, Oh My!

The bad news: I went through another brain fog moment at Ala Moana Center this afternoon. Perhaps it was because I was rushing in and out of stores, trying to figure out what I wanted and when I was coming home, but that particular moment resulted in the loss of my beloved old Islanders flip-flops, as well as the can of sneaker shampoo that I purchased at Longs for the purpose of laundering my beloved Reebok runners.

The good news: Said Reebok runners have been laundered - finally - with the use of a cloth rag dipped in a heinous mixture of water, dishwashing liquid, and OxiClean, which I then wiped all over the shoe (it even got rid of the leftover tree sap that got stuck to it eons ago). Now the shoes are happily drying out in a sunnier part of my kitchen.

Meanwhile, I did manage to go to Sears and buy these babies...

Those of you who know me know that white shoes don't always get along with me. But it just so happens that these Reebok Trail Wave Slip-ons were not only on sale ($39.99) but they actually fit me... in one size smaller than what I usually buy! I figured that, with my schedule of waking up early for school/work/whatever, I could really use an athletic shoe where I don't have to fiddle with the laces, for a change. And since I won't be doing any significant run/walk races at this moment (not unless I end up registering my lazy butt for Great Aloha Run or the Honolulu Marathon 10K Walk one more time), these shoes should serve me well on my regular "hikes" through Saint Louis Heights.

I also walked into Journeys for old times' sake - not that the store was there when Margie and I used to ditch class (and grocery shopping) for shoes, but now that I'm a student again I couldn't help but go in there and pore over their selection of Rocket Dog flats and Onitsuka Tiger sneakers. That should wean me off my fiending for the Sanuk slip-ons I posted earlier, even though I was bummed to not find any of their lovely shoes in my size.

Also, a quick trip to two branches of Ross Dress For Less revealed that they not only stocked up on cute Chuck Taylor All Stars from several seasons ago - now selling for half price - but it also looks like the sizing charts for Chucks are different for my feet. The high-tops I tried on were size 7 men's/ 9 women's, which meant that their sizing runs a half-size smaller for my otherwise wide and stumpy feet. Personally, I'm a little too late on the Chuck Taylor train (and even then, I'm more of a low-top girl myself) but those babies fit so well that I'm practically kicking myself for not going on them sooner. Now, if only I could find a shoe store that stocks up on Jack Purcells...


On non-shoe related news, I bought a Roald Dahl book for my nephew, who has just started reading. No, I didn't get any of RD's scarier works, but I figured I'd get him started on this since he's been getting into a lot of adventure-series books (he just started the Deltora series during his summer vacation) without plunging him straight on into the scary, murky stuff. He's a sensitive boy who gets easily scared, so Harry Potter, Eragon, and Goosebumps are all out of the question for him; in addition to that, his sister already got the full set of Narnia books two Christmases ago, so I didn't want to repeat myself.

Now, if only Conn Iggulden would just hurry up and release a grade schooler-friendly version of The Dangerous Book for Boys on paperback...


Finally, after months of gawking, I finally bought something from La Palme D'Or Patisserie. Granted, it was a single cookie - but what a cookie it was! Their Encore is a grown-up version of the classic Toll House chocolate-chip cookie, but fluffier and lighter on the inside than what most of us cookie freaks are used to. I could eat just one ever so slowly and still be happy.


Acquisitive Feet said...

Another shoe blog! Yay! I heart the pink ones!

meimei said...

I know! The Chucks I saw at Ross were pink and brown canvas high-tops, though - not the super-tall foldable ones, but regular Chuck Taylor high tops. They also had Chucks in plaid and brocade, too! The only thing stopping me from buying the Chucks was the fact that I still had to use the shoes for our Saturday field trips.

Actual conversation I had with more than one classmate when we went to Kalihi Valley this morning:

Classmate: "Are those NEW SHOES?"
Me: "Yes, and I intend to muck them up on purpose!"