Thursday, October 04, 2007

Randomesticity: Mynah Mynah

The title of this story comes from a Cane Haul Road shirt that I bought from Mango Season on S. King Street. I bought the shirt because I thought it was a Hawaii pun on "Mahna Mahna" - until the saleslady told me it was a pun on the word "minor" - pronounced, as locals usually do, as "minah." So when locals say "minah minah," it usually means "don't sweat the small stuff."
But then, minahs is what we're dealing with right now on this entry, so... (doot doo dururoo) MINAH MINAH!
- So I got my hair cut super super short last week, which was the result of me dropping in on a beauty school at lunchtime on Friday. It could've been a major disaster (and at $5.50 with a novice haircutter, probably expected) but it was remedied at the last minute. I still think it looks like a cut that belongs to a skinnier woman, what with its overall shagginess and the near-mullety length in the background (owing, according to my haircutter's primary instructor, to the fact that my hair in the back grows downward... not a bad thing, actually) but now I'm beginning to like it a lot more, especially now that looks like a cross between Jane Fonda and Pat Benatar. Added bonus: Because of this cut, my hair has started to adapt towards a side part, so I don't have to look like Alfalfa any more.
(And yes, I'm working on getting pictures!)
- Because of the shorter hair, I also noticed that I've changed attitude-wise, as well - now I've turned into a no-BS, no-sugarcoating tough gal at work, which isn't surprising considering that I could belt out "Hit Me With Your Best Shot" at any minute. And I've been dressing sexier too - or at least trotting out the mid-length shorts more often. Funny.
- Random movie-related comment: Am I the only one who thinks that Rendition looks like crap, judging by the trailer alone? Even the presence of my perpetual movie boyfriend Peter Sarsgaard isn't even enough to save me from disappointment. (And, Pete: Seriously, if you're going to make movies for cash anyway, would it really hurt to cast yourself in a comedy right now? Even if it means spending an entire movie wearing a head bandage?)
- Current fragrance: Comptoir Sud Pacifique's Vanilla alternating with Aura Cacia's Natural Perfume in Root. Someday I will get away with layering these two together.
- No other obsessions right now, although right now is the time of the year when everybody at work is talking about getting new handbags and stuff. Maybe when I'm not as harried as I am this month, I'll start talking more.

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Acquisitve Feet said...

I've been recycling my past fall acquisitions - just not quite into the whole 80's revival. Plus, it's still too warm to think of boots and coats (freakishly hot October's really weird!).

Okay, missy, let's see that haircut!!!