Friday, November 16, 2007

So Hurry Down the Chimney Tonight

Yay, new Gap Holiday ads! (And you can find them here on the Gap Image Library.)

Aw, man, as if I needed any more motivation to post more photos of John Krasinski on this blog. Doesn't he look ripe for snorgling right now?

And speaking of snorgling... When I saw this photo, the first thing that came to my mind was, "Why the heck is Amy Poehler snuggling up to Patrick Wilson?" And then that's when I realized that the hottie in question was actually Will Arnett, which only makes their pictures together so funny and sexy at the same time.

And now for an honest-to-goodness review of Gap's unisex Individuals fragrance line. I'm not much of a fragrance reviewer myself, to be quite honest (I don't like to spritz myself sometimes) but I really was bowled over by these fragrances. My favorite is The Lover (red), a rich oriental that reminds me of the Product RED candle, but if I were to smell The Original (black) or The Natural (green) on a guy I liked, I probably wouldn't stop sniffing them at all. The new Bath+Skin line is also pretty good, too (I love, love, love Island Hop) but I may have to give the new EDTs a second sniff, since I felt like they were way too girly for me compared to the richness of Individuals.


karen said...

halpert's jeans are too high, but he's still super yummy.

meimei said...

Considering that Halpert usually runs around in my subconscious in various states of undress, I'd say the high-rise pants are the least of my problems ;)