Sunday, January 27, 2008

Student Teacher Needs Help in Beauty Routine; Pigs Fly

For the last two years, I've been blogging to talk about things I like and buy (or things I don't like but have bought anyway). Now that we're a little more fabulous, however, it's my turn to ask everyone else for help.

So I've been doing this student-teaching thing for two weeks, right? Everything's going peachy professionally (or as peachy as it gets when you're working in a public school), I'm on track with academics, and things are working out the way that they should.

Except for one thing: I've been going to school without makeup.

Oh, sure, I have a few essentials in the work bag - lipstick, mascara, a tiny bottle of body spray - but I can't carry the full arsenal any more because it's crowding out all the paperwork I have to carry with me at all times anyway. Also, since it's still January, the air outside is still pretty cold (though not as YIKES IT'S SCARY COLD as it is in, ahem, Ohio) so my skin is a little dry, and there's no need for me to powder up.

Adding some confusion is my current morning routine:

5:15 am: Wake up; turn on the TV for Sunrise (yet another reason why I no longer have that love-hate relationship with Hawaii's Severe Weather Station); take my supplements and meds
5:25-6:00: Breakfast of cereal with soy milk, and green tea. Waste some time looking at email and Facebook. Hair sometimes gets taken care of during this time - I have straight hair that gets poofy in the morning, so I brush it a little and I'm good to go.
6:00-6:15: Brush teeth, get dressed (and yes, Mom, I plan all my outfits the night before... it's still long pants and a sweater with sneakers most days, but still)
6:20: Turn off TV and get out of the door ASAP to catch the CityExpress B bus going towards School Street
6:40: Find a good seat on the bus, close eyes, and meditate
7:00: Get off at the corner of School Street and [undisclosed location in Kalihi Valley to protect identity of school]; walk 20-30 minutes to school
7:30 - 7:45: Sign in at the office; confab with fellow teachers at cafeteria while keeping close eye on rugrats
7:45 - 8:05: In the classroom, making final preparations for the day before the kids come in
8:15: Kids come in; teachers get down to business

...and so on, and so forth, until I have to go back to the classroom and hope for a moment without kids so I could check their papers and figure out what else I can get from this classroom to add to my portfolio. I didn't include my lunch break here - regardless of where I get my lunch (and the cafeteria we have is pretty good), that still gives me a good 10-20 minutes to be in the classroom and go back to supervising the kids.

I hate being a morning person, mind you, but sometimes I have to do what I should be doing in the first place anyway. And as much as I get lost in my teaching, I still have every reason to worry that I am not - literally - putting my best face forward by going to the front of the class with unpowdered skin, dark circles, and pale (yet-t0-be-balmed) lips. Mind you, I am not here to be sexy, but I do have to be in a position of authority.

Soooo, if anyone out there is reading this... Am I doing this right? Should I be making more of an effort to look polished? Are there any beauty products (like a tinted moisturizer or a brighter lipstick) that I should add to this routine... and can you give me some very good suggestions on how to manage my time better?

Post all your comments below, and let's see how well I can take it from here.


Kenny Surtani said...
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Toya said...

Hey! You know I can give tips on how to work a few beauty products into your routine. E-mail me!

meimei said...

Thanks, Toya! I'll shoot you an email over the long weekend. (Can't wait to hear your take on this stuff!)