Wednesday, February 11, 2009

What's Your Fantasy: No Translation Necessary

And no need to subscribe to the Korean soap-opera channel, either... not when you can already check out some seriously good-looking (and anything-but-geeky) Korean men on your regular American network dramas!

Exhibit #1: Daniel Dae Kim, from Lost.

(Is it so weird that I want him to stay in HNL, especially since I've heard so much great stories about him having so much aloha for the islands? And is it so funny that I actually drooled at the thought of him partnering up on a burger joint over here?)

Exibit #2: Tim Kang, from The Mentalist.

(Okay, so this is a weird picture of him, considering that his job on The Mentalist involves not smiling, crossing his arms across his chest, and glaring heavily at suspects while Simon Baker brings his brand of crazy/sexy into the room. That said, I totally enjoyed his attempt at playing a smarmy playboy during the show's most recent episode, and I really hope that his character starts stepping it up in the wardrobe department from now on.)

EDITED to add Exhibit #3: John Cho, of Harold and Kumar and the new Star Trek.

He's not on a TV series yet, but I did catch his hilarious guest-starring turn last season on How I Met Your Mother (he was the lawyer who was trying to recruit Marshall into the shady corporate law firm by taking him out for dinner and hanging out with him). And like I've mentioned in the comments, I sincerely believe that Tim Kang's character* is named "Cho" for a pretty obvious reason.

*Also: Yep, they changed the character's first name to "Kimball" from "Kendall." Which is weird, because "Kimball Cho" sounds like he should be wearing a bowtie and testing recipes instead of conducting poker-faced interrogations with Simon Baker in the same room.


wagonswest said...

you forgot cho!!!! (aka the new sulu)

Jennifer said...

MMMMMMMMM. Daniel Dae Kim. Very nice.

meimei said...

OMG, I can't believe I left out John "Harold" Cho on this list - especially after he played a lawyer/recruiter on How I Met Your Mother last year. Though I have reason to believe that Tim Kang's character on The Mentalist was named "Kendall Cho" because they couldn't cast John soon enough.

And it goes without saying: When DDK opens that burger joint, I will WANT to be there. ;)