Thursday, May 07, 2009

It's that time again...

So maybe you've been noticing that I'm getting restless with this blog - not a lot of makeup and fashion to write about, perhaps? And it's not like I want to use this blog to spill the deets about my personal life (that's what Facebook email is for), so using this space as a personal diary is out of the question.

However... I am occupied with other things lately.

Take knitting, for example. Ever since I finished my first sweater, I've been occupying myself with yarn and needles - going so far as to join a knitting club here on Oahu and branching out from scarves to bags, blankets, and baby booties. It's gotten so engrossing for me that I can't go another day without working on some wicked knit-purl combinations.

And what about my cooking? I've posted recipes on this blog before; it's as if I've branched out from ultra-chic Allure territory to a mishmash of Real Simple and Redbook. In fact, I've actually toyed with the idea of writing my own cookbook... but I'm worried because that means I'll have to get hooked up with a test kitchen, just to make sure some of the stuff I've actually made won't taste like crap when people other than myself try to make them.

Don't even get me started on TV. Seriously, don't. I only have basic cable (or as I like to call it, the "OMG I can't believe Hawaii just made the full switch to digital and I can't afford to pay that much for The CW" package) so there's no way I'm catching series on non-network channels... not to mention that at this point, DVR is totally out of the question. Besides, my TV viewing tastes don't really conform to what the cool kids (read: actual critics) tend to dig on nowadays... seriously, what kind of pop-culture diva would I be if my idea of must-see TV includes This Old House and The Mentalist... and no interest whatsoever in the combined works of Bryan Fuller, Ronald Moore and Joss Whedon?

(To my credit, though: I'm actually beginning to lurve The Unusuals and Fringe, and my excuse for watching Masterpiece Theatre is the same excuse I make for watching Dancing With The Stars: I'm just there for the parade of hotties. Ahem. Ahem.)

So: Enough talky-talky; let's get down to business.

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