Sunday, October 10, 2010

Fun With Screengrabs

Dear Lush:

From this year's collection of Lush Christmas products. Drool. 

If I buy this lip balm, does that mean Bob Blumer will show up at my house and make out with me?

(Or at least tell me that he has created his own version of Razon's Halo-Halo using bananas poached in maple syrup. That would be awesome. And hot.)

And speaking of Lush:

This ad actually showed up on my blog a few days ago (thanks, Nuffnang) and immediately I thought, "Dang, they finally made a drugstore version of Coalface?" Mind, I've never washed my face with any kind of black carbon technology whatnots, but I did learn from reading Lush Times that the black stuff is often recommended for folks with oily skin. That's enough for me to buy the "cleansing impurities" angle, since I've seen a lot of girls out here with all sorts of acne problems regardless of skin color.

Now if only we could get the marketing monkeys to admit that they're only using the "whitening" angle to sell product that actually does nothing for pigmentation...

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