Monday, December 20, 2010

What's Your Fantasy: Accent Coaching Edition

Maybe it's my inner theater geek talking here, but lately I've noticed that I have a real thing for guys who speak with accents. And not just any accent, come to think of it, but accents spoken by native English speakers from actual English-speaking countries.

Consider the following:

1) Colin Firth (but of course!) as a stuttering royal in The King's Speech, with the added bonus of Helena Bonham Carter as the Queen Mum (complete with gentrified Scottish accent) and Geoffrey Rush as a London-based Aussie.

2) Gerard Butler (again: but of course!) delivering the weather forecast for GMTV, which goes without saying.

3) Garrett Hedlund, born and raised in Northern Minnesota - but trained to bend inflections according to each role.

4) Curtis Stone, proving that a natural Australian accent doesn't always have to scrape the eardrums when done right.

5) Bono, introducing "the song Charles Manson stole from The Beatles" in that unmistakable brogue.

6) ...And then there's this clip, which is one of two great examples of how an untempered Canadian accent could get me in trouble if I'm not careful enough. (The other great example, in case you were wondering, can be found here.)

And since I can't just put all of this up without giving some love to the homegrown talent, here's my favorite commercial for Greenwich Pizza, starring the walking cuteness that is John Lloyd Cruz - and one heck of a catchphrase, at around the 0:42 mark.

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