Friday, January 14, 2011

Glosswatch 2011: In the Clear

The rest of my face, as it appears in my New Year's Eve photos: The Body Shop's Flawless Skin Perfecting Foundation in #04; BeneFit eyeshadow in Dandy Brandy; Ever Bilena black eyeliner; Maybelline Volum'Express Waterproof Mascara in Very Black; BeneFit bronzer in Dallas. I'd wear my makeup like this every day, if it weren't for the tiny stye on my eyelid that's taking forever to go away. 
The gloss: CoverFX Mint Glaze FX ($22 for full size)

Cover FX MintGlaze FX 0.10 ozSephora says: "Cover FX MintGlaze FX is a protective, fortifying, and freshening pout primer that hydrates and softens the appearance of lip lines. It's perfect for anyone with chapped or fine-lined lips, as well as those who want sun protection."

First impressions: A product named "Mint Glaze" that comes in a white tube? Frankly, I actually thought it was a tooth whitener... but between the product description as a "pout primer" and the promise of a clear finish, I decided to give this one a chance.

Texture: Anything but toothpaste-like. Thanks to the doe-foot applicator, the Glaze goes on pretty smoothly,  and there's barely any stickiness. I tried using it as a primer, though, and found it a little too thick and goopy for lipstick and gloss to stick on.

Color saturation: None - thankfully! I could barely even see the opalescent bits from the gloss while I'm wearing it - just pure shimmer, straight up.

Minty-fresh factor: Gentle. There's a bit of a tingle upon the first application, but I find that it fades away quite nicely. The flavor and scent are not overwhelming.

Lip inflation: A little bit, but I owe that more to visual effects rather than actual skincare ingredients.

Hydration capacity: Very, very moisturizing. This is the gloss to wear when you're exposed to dry air, especially the dry winter winds that we get in the tropics. My lips chap easily, which prompts a lot of rubbing/ licking/ biting on my part... but Mint Glaze does away with all of that, and leaves my lips smooth.

This product will remind you of... Benefit's now-discontinued Smoooch, which shares the same white color and tube application. The big difference, however, is that Mint Glaze is miles ahead of Smooch in terms of scent, taste, hydration - practically EVERYTHING, in fact.

The person I'd kiss while wearing this gloss is... Nobody in particular, but I'd wear this to church - or any casual event where I know I would be doing a lot of beso-beso with friends and aunties. Mint Glaze is a clear gloss, after all, so I wouldn't worry about leaving honking red marks and/or sticky mint burns on people's faces.

My recommendations: Mint Glaze isn't exactly the all-in-one product that it promises to be; personally, I like glosses that have more pigment in them, so I have my reasons to hold back on this one. Still and all, though, it's an excellent product if you only want a basic, clear gloss that delivers moisture and shine in a non-tacky way.

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