Tuesday, April 19, 2011

And Speaking of The Moving Pictures

I need to put this under a break, because that's how troubled I am about the whole deal.

1) Of course this movie upsets me. I'm an English major, after all, and this reads to me like The Da Vinci Code for literature geeks. So, until I have proof that this movie will turn out to be much better than this trailer, LA LA LA LA I'M NOT LISTENING TO YOU GO AWAY LA LA LA LA LA

2) The other thing that's driving me up a wall with this movie? Rafe Spall is in it... and billed, no doubt, as part of that potentially crazy-good ensemble cast. (The IMDb page for the movie is a spoiler in itself.) If this movie does turn out to be great after all - emphasis on if - there's a possibility that our friend here might come close to bagging the post of "hot young British actor taking way too long to break the global market," which may soon be vacated by Tom Hardy.*

(*Aside: Yes, fangirls, I am very aware that Tom Hardy is teh hawtness. I'm just as bummed as you are that it took him almost ten years between Star Trek: Nemesis and Inception before the rest of the world took notice. Also, Warrior looks like it could be one of the sappiest movies ever made about Mixed Martial Arts... so of course I'll be watching.)

And this can only mean one thing...

3) Somebody's agent really needs to put Christopher Nolan and/or David Fincher on speed-dial, stat.

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