Monday, October 03, 2011

Today's Dispatch: Breathe and Stop

This post is brought to you by Q-Tip.

- The crazy rainy weather this time of the year has prompted me to take my workouts indoors and start doing yoga once again. I have to admit that I don't seem to burn as much with yoga as I do when I go running, but ever since I've started doing it regularly I feel like my mind is clearer and my posture isn't as tight as it used to be. Not to mention that I've been seeing a little muscle definition here and there, too, which is nice after having to live with a lot of flab for months.

- On the other hand, I've been quite edgy lately because this week is the last week of instruction, and I'm supposed to find out when my finals are any day now. It's nerve-wracking, because I've been calling the office almost every day to find out if the schedule has been released and I'm still not getting any answers on the exact date and time for them. The only thing crazier than this is the fact that I've got another week to wait for some good news coming from Manila, regarding a major career change (and possible move) that I'll have to keep under wraps until it is confirmed for sure. Either way, I'm just dying to get some time off after this crazy semester!

- In terms of my writing: After three straight months of working on Nominated, I've decided to put it on hiatus in favor of revising last year's NaNoWriMo novel, World on a Plate. (You may remember this as the novel I wrote in my attempt to work out my feelings towards the Smug Canadian Bastard, only to find out halfway through that The Hotness was not tall enough to play him in the film adaptation.) My decision to revise Plate has a lot to do with the fact that this novel, to me, would be easier to market for publication than Nominated, since it's a book written by a Filipino about the Philippines... but with a little humor, and a lot to do with food, travel, and relationships.

- In shallow showbiz news, I've gotten quite hung up over this blind item about someone on a social-media site who's about to change her handle. I don't know about you, but the social-media site in this story is soooooo obviously Twitter.

- And if you haven't seen my current writing-inspiration board on Pinterest yet, here it is. (And I'm also working on more boards for style inspiration, too!)

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kuri said...

wooh for muscle definition! that's always nice.

After I get over my cold, I'm going to get out my new belly dance dvd and work on my muffin top :P

hope the good news comes soon!

meimei said...

@Kuri: Yay belly dancing! I have a friend who teaches belly dancing in Manila (in Quezon City, on "The North") so I might take her class. Which DVD did you get?

I hope the news does come soon, too! *keeps fingers* Will be posting updates on that one as well.

kuri said...

Oh, that's excellent! If I had a teacher I were comfortable taking lessons from, I would definitely sign up for classes.

"Amira's Bellydance 101 Belly Dancing Basics For Beginners" - I'll post if it's any good.