Tuesday, November 02, 2010

When Meimei Disappears

You might be worried about the title up here, after all the disturbing blog entries that I've been putting up lately. And no, I'm not talking about running off to Canada, even if it means better Food Network programming and even better potato chip flavors.

(Also because the alleged future father of my supposedly ramen-haired children has now moved to Los Angeles, which I am trying my best not to take as a sign. Or something.)


Two things: First, I have become invested in the World Series of Baseball lately. As much as I like the Rangers for their pwnage of the Yankees (who I still hate, in spite of the pretty that is Derek Jeter), I'm totally rooting for the Giants because 1) I have a lot of friends in San Francisco right now who want to end the torture, and 2) George W. Bush, which goes without saying.

And besides, the Giants has my part-Pinoy homeboy Tim Lincecum, even though he really needs to cut his hair if he wants to be taken seriously. (Seriously, Tim: You sort of have the Joseph Gordon-Levitt thing going on. Win Game 5 already so you can finally visit a barber in the off-season!)

And second:

It's my first time doing NaNoWriMo, and already it has taken over my soul. Never mind that I'm a sworn writing geek when it comes to these things, and never mind that I have lost enough of my mind to describe one of my characters as an angry blogger and another as this guy playing the part of this guy and this guy, but more Irish.

(Horrors! Meimei has based a character on ANTHONY FRIGGING BOURDAIN! Run for the hills!)

(...No, I definitely was kidding. Please don't sue me, Tony. But do send me the home addresses for the other two, if you have them lying around and/or your lawyers don't mind.)

The whole novel's been mapped out already, though, and I'm thinking about getting 20% done before work starts and I lose more of my mind. Assuming, of course, that the World Series doesn't go into Game 7.

Okay, that's enough writing for now. I'm going downstairs to check on the game. And by "game" I really do mean Game 5.

EDITED @7:03 PM to say GIANTS WIN! GIANTS WIN! GIANTS WIN! And also that I'm using this guy instead as the physical prototype for my lead male character. I love you, Gerard, but I figured that Jeremy would make a more convincing pancake-flipper.

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