Friday, March 03, 2006

The Case Against... Oh, Who am I Kidding?

So I've started watching American Idol again- after two years of recovering from the Hawaii auditions - and I caught the guys' elimination show. Yes, it goes against my TV fast - which means that typing this entry has caused me to skip Criminal Minds (which reminds me: Matthew Gray Gubler!) - but in return I noticed a few things that I considered blogworthy.

- First up: Dang, Chris Daughtry. When I read that this was the guy performing Fuel, I just gave a little shrug - surely he can't be serious, right? But damned if this wasn't the first time I've ever gotten chicken skin from this show since Clay Aiken's first audition. The guy did more than just sell “Hemorrhage,” people - he actually made me realize how good this song really is, and I never liked it the first time it came out. Well played.

- On the other end of the spectrum: David Radford nearly mangled “The Way You Look Tonight” for me. No, really. He's reminding me too much of John Stevens - the voice is there, but the attitude isn't. Also: “I Heard It Through The Grapevine” is not a song that you sing so you can “have fun”; it's a vicious, gut-wrenching F. U. of a composition, which is why I think Kevin Covais - who I'd think would be a sweetie otherwise - did the opposite of a Chris Daughtry on this one. Gah.

- A confession: I was prepared to hate Sway Penala. Something about him bugged me - I've always felt that if you're a Pinoy on American Idol you probably got there singing a lot of "soulful" ballads, which means it will be hard for you to take a risk on anything else. That was the case with Jasmine Trias, which is why fans in the Philippines love her. But after watching Sway sing “Overjoyed,” I threw that theory out of the window for him. Song choice aside -and I wasn't too happy about that either - it's pretty evident that the guy has a great voice that would be better served if he would try something other than R&B for a change. In fact, I think he would be able to carry off something edgier without losing the sweetness. If he stays, I recommend that he could follow the example of another Pinoy who placed on a talent show - MiG Ayesa from Rock Star: INXS - by singing “Baby I Love Your Way.”

- Speaking of Rock Star: Bucky Covington should've auditioned for that one. Another guy I wanted to hate, except he was more of a meh for doing "The Thunder Rolls." Next week's song, if he stays: “Janie's Got a Gun.” (It would've been “Dream On,” but I could see Chris pulling that one off so much better.)

- Another confession: I like Taylor Hicks. A little too much whooping, but I think he's got this super-cool Joe Cocker vibe that the other boys (save for Chris) could only wish they have. I'm not expecting him to win it, but if he ends up headlining his own show on the Las Vegas Strip, I will be way too glad to pay for the tickets. Next week's song: “With A Little Help from My Friends,” of course. Failing that, “Let's Stay Together” - or, heck, “My Way.”

- Dear Ace Young: The song is called “If You're Not The One.” And unlike “Hemorrhage,” the song is just as cheese-tastic now as it was when I first heard it. Also, if you'd ended the song in falsetto, you would've had more girls text-messaging their hearts out for you. Just saying, Mei. Next week's song: “Cry Me a River.”

- Okay, Elliott Yamin, where did that soulful voice come from? And can you sing a standard next time out, just to show David Radford how it's done? In fact, here's my rec for next week: “Night and Day.”

- Two words for Will Makar: Jersey Boys. Cute, and talented, but needs a less polarizing song. My pick: Unless Frankie Valli becomes a celebrity judge - thus justifying a performance of "Can't Take My Eyes Off You” - I'm suggesting “Kiss From a Rose.”

- And Gedeon McKenney? You're young, you've got your entire career ahead of you - please don't get all Mario on us, 'kay? Next week: “Try a Little Tenderness," to be safe... then "Save a Horse, Ride a Cowboy," to be risky.

UPDATE, 3/3/2006: So I did miss Sway getting eliminated, but at least David was put out of his misery. Other than that, I'm probably going to stick to these song recommendations. Well, except that I'd then give "Baby I Love Your Way" to Chris, who - like the aforementioned Mr. Ayesa - should be man enough to handle it, and break a few more hearts. This also means I really, really want Kevin to get voted out next week, so no song recs for him. Sorry.

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