Thursday, March 09, 2006

Domesticity Wednesday: Random Notes

It's the 99th entry, y'all. I'm planning a special entry for the 100th post, which I won't be posting until much, much later (prospective posting date: two weeks from now, once I'm finished with my final projects for this term). Until then, feast yourselves on these bonbons:

- By request: a website for all you Criminal Minds fans. I'm warming up to the show myself (again, Matthew Gray Gubler) and I think it's paired quite nicely with CSI: New York. I'm still technically not watching TV for Lent, though, so please don't ask me for any episode summaries, plot points, or fanwanking.

- Speaking of giving up TV for Lent, it looks as if I've chosen the right time to do so, seeing as some of my favorite and non-favorite shows have been going down the tubes lately. (Oprah, how could you?!?) I'm too chicken to break my fasting for Lost or even this week's American Idol because otherwise that would mean more shoes to throw at my TV, and I don't want to be caught doing the same for the ones that I do like (again, Criminal Minds and CSI:NY) if anything does happen. The only upside I can see is that at least I have more time to get a head start for my class projects, so there you go.

- On the beauty front, I'm currently on the market for a good shampoo. I already have something to take care of my, ahem, dry scalp problems in the meantime, but I'm also looking for a nice shampoo for fine, straight, non-color-treated hair that I can use every day. Recs are appreciated.

- I'm also toying around with the thought of posting excerpts from my novel, either in this blog or a separate Blogger account. It's a risky proposition - what with the copyrighting issues and such - but since I'm getting a little more confident with the way I'm writing I'd be happy to share what I've written so far. Thoughts?

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