Thursday, May 11, 2006

The Case for the Brief Mentions

- Oh, Maggie. Times like this - when you turn up as one of the top searches on MSN and I wonder if you've made a fool out of yourself once again - makes me want to just take you to the nearest Cold Stone Creamery for an order of whatever diabolical ice cream concoction that you can dream up in your head. And of all the movies you had to work on, you choose the one directed by Oliver Stone... But, hey, we should be cool.

- More blogs to be added on the roll: Shake Your Beauty by beauty editor par excellance Tia Williams (her advice is priceless); Stained Couture by Samida (quality over quantity - gotta love that philosophy); and The Beauty Brains (debunking those myths never seemed so much cooler).

- Not that many purchases for this week, but I should go ahead and let you guys know that I'm currently planning my summer vacation - the details are still being hammered out, but it looks like I will be visiting my family outside of the country in June. More details to follow.

- Edited for this special AMERICAN IDOL SPOILER ALERT (only because I caught it on the Web earlier): Chris got voted out?!? Now there's a headscratcher for you. But I won't be surprised if he does end up with a record deal and a band of his own because of this.


samida said...

Thanx for the soon to be addition of my site to your blogroll! I am so happy and appreciative that I have added you under my Fab Stains!

Jen said...

I heard a rumor today that Chris has been asked to join Fuel.

I haven't watched A.I. since season 2 (and I only did it then because I was forced), but this happens every year. The talented people get booted off in favor of whoever the teenies like. Personally, I think getting booted is the best thing that could happen to a halfway talented singer.

meimei said...

Samida: Thanks so much! I'll get rolling on those blogroll additions soon.

Jen: I've stopped watching since Season 2, too - I still think that the Ruben/Clay/Kim Locke finals, not to mention the Frenchy drama, was the best this show has ever had. (And don't ask me about the Hawaii-saturated Season 3 - William Hung aside, working the auditions at Aloha Stadium killed whatever love I've had left for that show back then.) I also know that the Chris/Fuel rumors have been brewing for the longest time, and I for one truly hope that they do come true. I'm of the opinion that it's actually a better idea for a talented singer to get voted off AI in the finals than to win the whole shebang and have an unsatisfying career in the long term.