Sunday, May 07, 2006

The Case for a Saturday-Morning (Hormone-Fueled) Rant

Dear Pink:

Hey, I just heard "Just Like A Pill" this morning at the coffee shop, and it almost made me cry - maybe it was the residual Cinco de Mayo hangover, but between all the drinking last night, the cramps* from this morning, and all of the guy-related bitterness I've been having lately**, I thought the song just said everything that I needed to say, but couldn't.

Of course, I was about to thank you for this... but then I compared that song to "Stupid Girls" and I thought, yeah, it's OK, but you haven't said anything that Shirley Manson hadn't sung so much better ten years ago. Sorry, hon.

xox, Meimei


* Folks, riding the red tide every month does suck - but I'm at this point where I've just decided to embrace it altogether and let it be a part of me all the way. That's all I need to say.

** And here's the part where I talk about the guy-related bitterness: I don't want to name any names or get into specifics; it's just that I'm tired of being jerked around, and I'm tired of being expected to fix everything. And when I say I deserve a little more respect, I mean it - not that I don't enjoy the flirting or the gallantry, but what's the point of all that if I can't trust the other person? So, yeah.

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