Tuesday, May 23, 2006

The Case for the Long Trip

Folks: Remember the out-of-the-country trip I hinted about not too long ago? Well, I'm glad to announce that it's finally confirmed - I will be going to the Philippines in mid-June, to visit my parents for about two weeks.

While I cannot guarantee that I will be posting (or not) during this time, I will let you know for sure when I will be leaving and when, if ever, I will be able to post. I have already started to make a few adjustments so that things wouldn't be too hectic when I come back to Hawaii nei after the 4th of July weekend, like cleaning out the apartment (Chez Meimei has been, how shall we say, grungy as of late) and signing up for my summer classes so that I won't get screwed over if I don't get on the plane before school starts.


One of the things that came to mind while I was planning my trip was, of course, compiling my whole makeup-and-toiletry kit. On the one hand, I don't want to pack too much - not only am I bent on bringing back gifts from the States for my lovely relatives, but I want to be able to lug my monster suitcase around while still remaining under strict FAA regulations. On the other hand, there's no way I am going to leave the country without the stuf that I'm already used to using on my face (and hair, and body), so a compromise is in order. Thus: the tiny sample sizes of skincare, the minimalist hairdo routine - and the resolve to purchase shampoo and conditioner at Mercury Drugstore when I get home. (Well, yes, I know that there's a Lush in Manila - but when it comes to my home town, I'm a Lux and Sunsilk kind of girl.) Since I'm not spending too much time in the big city, however, it's not like I'm going to have the time or the wherewithal to go all-out shopping, so I'm keeping things as simple as possible.

The makeup routine, however, is different. If I remember correctly (forgive me, but it has been six years) Manila has always been hot and humid - and every girl I've known back home is afraid of getting too tan, so I'm definitely packing sunblock and moisturizer with SPF. The other side of the equation, however, is that there's an expectation to keep the skin matte - none of that "dewy" nonsense unless you really want to look like a greasy disco ball. Thus, the pressed powder.

Apart from that, though? Anything goes, as long as you still look relatively human by the end of the day. I think that's part of the reason why I finally broke down and bought that L'Oreal HIP gift set at Wal-Mart - I figured that if I was going to get new makeup for the trip, I might as well get something that's easy to pack. The eyeshadow (Mischief #908) already resembles two of my existing colors (Stila Wheat for the shimmery beige, and MAC Contrast for the matte navy), and since the HIP line prides itself on color payoff, I won't have to worry too much about wearing both shadows at once. The lip gloss that came with the set is Gallant (#728), which looks dark burgundy in the tube but goes on as a sheer, sexy berry red. Believe me when I say that this stuff is not just non-sticky, but it also does not run at all - the gloss itself isn't runny, and definitely stays put for as long as it can. I'm definitely hooked.

There's going to be more changes to the makeup bag soon, so stick around for the next entry!


Tanning Lotion said...

Good luck in the Phillippines.

samida said...

Love that new HIP line, affordable color make-up that lasts! What more could a girl beg for! BTW, I hope you have a great and fab time in the Phillipines. I'm jealous!