Friday, August 10, 2007

Domesticity Retail Roundup: Or, Thoughts on the Ongoing Neiman Marcus Shoe Sale

Before I go into another litany about Shoes I'll Never Buy While I'm Still A Little Broke (and suffering from foot blistering) let me say that there is nothing in the world that makes me smile like the pretty, pretty shoes. So it's no wonder that wandering into Neiman Marcus' sale made me happy.

First of all, is it me or are we going through a moment for red patent leather? These wedges (Tulam by Robert Clergerie) reminded me of something I'd definitely find in Margie's closet (although I have a feeling she would've wished they were pumps). I got to try these on, and they were quite comfortable on my tootsies - though I wasn't sure about the ankle straps, which don't seem to hit me where my ankles are at their thinnest. I swear, after I saw these, I went out looking for red patent shoes at Payless and Slipper House.

I also fell in love with these sandals from Kork-Ease...

..but then I could so totally hear my mom and my sister chirping, "Didn't you ALREADY have those in your closet?" And now that I think of it... well, yes, I did, about five to ten years ago, when I wore maxi-skirts and hippie dresses without a care in the world. And those sandals may have cost me less than $100 from Nine West, which is renovating as we speak. But then I wasn't going to school on a campus built on a steep incline, and I didn't have a job that involved hauling 30 lbs. of school supplies back and forth.

Which then brings us to this spirited update of an all-time favorite...
Thank goodness Converse had the good taste to snag John Varvatos as a guest designer. This shoe in particular stood head above shoulders over the other wannabe Chucks in the shoe aisle (I'm glaring in your direction, Marc Jacobs and Miu Miu) for being comfortable and stylish. I mean, look at the way the grommets are arranged for the shoelaces - don't they remind you of little champagne bubbles? And the laces themselves are made of superstretchy, bungee cord-like material. But even if I had the $47 to spare that day for these lovely babies, it just wasn't meant to be... because these Chucks did not come in my size, unfortunately, and the ones I tried on were either too short or too big.


Speaking of feet: I'm still looking for the Band-Aid Active Flex Blister Block Stick, which is supposed to go on your feet to prevent blistering without being slippery. After looking at the ingredient list, though, I realized that maybe it's not such a bad thing that I couldn't find it in stores - especially since I'm putting shea butter on some of the more tender, tortured parts of my feet before I go to bed, which helps a lot.

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