Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Underneath It All

This morning I finally went out to the post office to pick up my package from Lane Bryant, which was a pleasant surprise for me - imagine, all these years of shopping on the Internet, and it's only now that I've received a package in less than a week, from a Mainland merchant with no retail outlets in the Islands. Awesome.

And if you thought the service from LB was awesome, imagine my delight when I got to wear what was inside the package itself:

This, my friends, is the stretch-cotton, full-coverage underwire bra from LB's Cacique line of underthings. Say what you will about Lane Bryant, but I can't think of any other brand or merchant that does affordable, high-quality bras for the generously endowed among us. I did order the style pictured here in the "Fresh Floral" print, which in reality is a riotous '60s-style floral print on an avocado-green background with hot pink trim. Pretty wild.

And because this bra was on sale, I also didn't resist buying another bra in the same style during this sale, this time in what Lane Bryant calls "Rockstar Yellow" - though quite frankly I'd rather think of it as the same shade of yellow as the Beatles' submarine. This yellow bra was the one I wore to work today, and I have to say that it's one of the better bras that I've tried. It's not exactly The Bra That Will Change Your Life, but it's soft and comfortable, generously lined (no more peek-throughs under tight shirts!) with a good measure of support from the underwire to keep "the girls" in place all day without pinching. At the end of the day, I didn't even want to take my bra off - it's that good.
In any case, I can't recommend Lane Bryant enough for coming through on this so beautifully, in every single way. Excellent!

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