Monday, August 06, 2007

This Month's Makeup Bag Contents

For some reason I still have most of the makeup I carried in this bag for months, especially the eye and lip pencils. But recently I made a few changes in the existing makeup bag not only to reflect my new retail job, but also to fit my newly literal get-up-and-go schedule. (Seriously: I have to get ready as soon as I get out of bed!) Some of these additions are actually new to the bag, so there you go.

- Physician's Formula Solar Powder SPF 20 in Translucent: I do a lot of walking outdoors for work, and this covers all the bases that my usual everyday sunscreen doesn't.

- Physician's Formula ColorEyes stick eyeshadow in Champagne: It was only $2.99 at Longs. It might have been discontinued. The consistency is more crayon-like than creamy. So why do I have this? Because when you only have mere minutes to go before your shift and you want to look presentably awake, the precision of this stick eyeshadow is exactly what you need.

- Cover Girl Volume Exact Mascara in Black: I just tried this one today, and... what can I say? It's everything I loved about CG's Lash Exact mascara, but with greater ease when it comes to reaching all those tiny lashes in the corners (thanks to the pointy brush end). This mascara delivers as promised, with staying power to boot. No clumping, no drag-queenish spidery mess - and my lashes were nicely curled, giving me a wide-awake look.

- Maybelline ShinyLicious Lip Gloss in Cola Float: This looks bronzy in the tube, but on the lips it comes off as a frosting-like lip color with serious sheen. Not that it's a bad thing, because on me this turns into a peachy-bronze nude shimmer that's incredibly sexy, especially with not much else on the face. (I call this the "put me on the cover of the Swimsuit Issue" lip gloss for that exact reason!) Note: Unlike most glosses, the Shinylicious works best with the sponge tip that comes with the tube; I tried using this with another applicator and I wound up with way too much gloss.

- Bronzer. Rimmel for everyday; Bare Minerals for the "why, yes, I did have a good weekend - why'd you ask?" look.

- Fragrance. Or at least something that smells great on me, so that I'm not repelling any customers (or co-workers) while keeping my spirits up.


In other shopping related news: I just ordered some lingerie from Lane Bryant, and it looks like it might already be here. Will keep you posted as soon as it arrives.

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