Sunday, December 02, 2007

Holidays in Red

Nope, this isn't another post about Gap. It just so happens that my Lane Bryant/Cacique purchases just came in this morning... and didn't you know that they're having a sale right now?

So without further ado, I just want to share what I'm wearing right now, straight out of the box.

Red flannel! Gold stripes! A darling satin ribbon for a drawstring! Not to mention the right amount of roomy fit. Could I be more in love with a pair of pajama pants right now? The color scheme might scream "Christmas!" but I could see myself wearing this all year, even on a coffee run. I'd even wear this with my red suede platform wedges and a white tank top... that is, if I felt like "entertaining."

And for those moments when I don't have to make a lot of sexy time (which is, um, most days of the year), I have this other red number from Cacique to keep me company...

Perfect for those cold nights in where all I need is a cup of cocoa and my laptop to help me sift through my paperwork. I ordered this in a 14/16 - otherwise I would've drowned in the next biggest size - and it fit me like a dream. It's way too much with the pajama pants, but it does cover enough of me to be modest if I felt like doing my laundry in it. Plus the snowflake print is subtle enough to not look like a holiday leftover.

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