Thursday, December 20, 2007

The Other Book, and The Journey Ahead

So, yeah, I did finish that other travel book. The one that I've been resisting to read.

And now that I've finished reading it, I can't bring myself to be snarky about it at all.

Maybe it's because of all the things that have been on my mind lately with this trip, and my teaching, and turning 30 this year - which, I have to admit, I wasn't able to acknowledge as properly as I should have - but now that I've finished this book, I feel very inspired, like I've got the rest of my life ahead of me.

Never mind that my journey is taking me to San Diego instead of Bali, or to spending 15 weeks teaching in a classroom in the middle of Oahu instead of a meditation retreat in the middle of India. I understand that it's such a massive cliche to say something like "This book spoke to me, people," but it did.

I feel like I've emerged from a deep sleep, looking at the world with new eyes. (As I am typing, I am looking over my shoulder and noticing the orange sunset outside my window - is that so wrong?) Instead of feeling like I'm in a rut, I look at everything around me and think: Man, oh, man, there's so much of the world that I really have to see, and see now.

It's not like I have much time to waste here waiting, really. I'm looking at making a fresh start, and starting right now, just to make sure everything goes forward from here onward. Even the mess in my apartment - the initial inspiration for calling this blog Domesticity - is begging to be shaken up and turned upside down.

It's going to be a great year ahead of us, folks. Until then, I'll see you all after New Year's.

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The Urban Whisk said...

I'm starting this book over the holiday break! Thanks for your insights.