Monday, December 17, 2007

On the High Horse

One last post (and not counting whatever book I'm reading now) before I go on my winter trip to San Diego this week:

If I haven't posted any beauty related content on this site for a while, that's because I'm deathly tired from everything - work, school, starting a new teaching position next semester - that I don't know if there's anything left for me to say, or try.

Those of you who have followed this blog since the very beginning know that I take a lot of breaks from blogging, precisely because of the very things that keep me busy in real life. I keep mentioning this on and on, but it's true - I am a graduate student, I don't have much money (apart from however much I'm getting paid at my part-time job) and I don't have any pretensions of becoming a real beauty journalist any time soon. So it makes my blog a bit of a mess -- so what? I write what I want to write, what I like to write, and I don't have to fear any recrimination.

In contrast, I've been deathly disappointed with some of the commenters on the blogs I frequently read, because it seems to me that every other blog, every other day, is involved in a flame war. Let's be frank here: I don't have to read it if I don't want to... but, for crying out loud, blog-reading has been my morning habit for the last three years, and the last thing I want on a morning when I could be facing a rough day at work or school is an even rougher argument initiated by two people who have never, ever met each other in real life. I want beautiful words and beautiful pictures with my morning coffee, dammit - not badly-spelled arguments and uglier name-calling!

Believe me, there is nothing you want to see any less than yours truly being tempted to writing death threats to people I have never met, for no good reason than ruining my morning. It's already bad enough that I see this on the political and showbiz blogs... but on a beauty or fashion blog? I don't care how stressed you are this time of the year, or any year, because - and pardon my French here - that shit ain't right.

With that said: I already mentioned that I will be student-teaching next semester, and carrying a full academic load while doing so. That means waking up before sunrise every morning for the next four to six months, so I can make the trek all the way across town to work with children. This is the reality I will be facing for a good chunk of 2008, which means that some of the content I might end up publishing here will reflect that significant reality. I'm not saying I'm going to change the content or theme for this blog - hey, if I write something about shoes or makeup that can stand seven hours' worth of teaching time, so much the better - but that also means I won't have the same amount of free time that I would have had if I didn't have this assignment. If I don't read a blog at this time, don't take it against me; if I don't post a new entry, don't make it an excuse to bomb me with death threats. All I'm asking for is a little understanding on everyone's part, because it's about time at least one of us finally grew up for a change.

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