Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Hey, I've Got Some New Shoes On

Just in case I get mountains of emails from people asking me what happened to this blog (...okay, just Mom and Happy Scribe, then?) I thought I'd throw in a quick update, starting with a picture of my latest shoe purchase...

Mudd Chipper lace-ups. $9.99 only at Sears. (And Ala Moana had my size!)

All those heavy man-made materials on the shoes remind me of my first Doc Martens, which - in retrospect - now seems more like a misguided attempt at being grungy than an actual Fashionista Moment. But I didn't buy these to be fashionable; like a good majority of my shoe purchases at Sears, I bought these for practical purposes... and in this case, "practical" means that this shoe will inevitably end up being used outdoors, getting banged up with time.

As Paolo Nutini would sing, "Hello new shoes - bye bye blues."


The Happy Scribe said...

thanks for the song! i started humming it while reading this post. :)

meimei said...

I *heart* Paolo Nutini. That's all.