Saturday, March 29, 2008

Shameless Plug: No Book Left Behind - The Weekend Edition

Just when you thought No Book Left Behind couldn't get any better... now we've got this!

Yes, folks, that's yours truly and Positively Cleveland (at right) back in college, outside of UH Manoa's Kennedy Theater back in 2001. Will you get a load of my big hair in this one! I also like to point out that this is the night when I wore one of my favorite red lipsticks in the world - the now-discontinued Rouge Catalan by Fresh - along with a dress that I got for no more than $10 at Nordstrom Rack.

This is one of those photos that make some people - but mostly ignorant boys - wonder how an absolute hottie like PC ended up being BFF with your humble little friend Meimei... until you read NBLB and entries like our Weekend Q&A, and suddenly it all makes sense.

PC, on the books she read as a form of teenage rebellion:

Star Trek: The Next Generation novels and bodice-rippers scandalized my very
conservative mother for different reasons, but ultimately, it was the parting
lament: "We have a library full of great classics, and you spend your allowance
on those trashy paperbacks!"

Meimei, on the book I would read to keep strangers from talking to me:

He's Just Not That Into You. Ironically, this book made me laugh so hard that it did keep strangers away from me when I read this at Jamba Juice!

PC, on her dream writing collaboration:

I would die of pure geek overload if Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett said
"hello" to me, much less wanting to share a byline with my name.

Meimei, on my dream writing collaboration:

Julie Powell, of the blog-turned-book Julie & Julia. Food, blogging,
autobiography - so many things to discuss! PC and I should take her out for

Don't miss this entry, along with Gerard Butler in a skirt, books on Christian "courtship" (because some people don't like the secular implication of the word "dating"), and a gut-wrenching look at Atonement - it's all happening at No Book Left Behind.

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