Tuesday, June 10, 2008

The Cleveland Chronicles, Part 4: A Makeup Post, for A Change

Besides the fact that I'm a naturally vain person who has finally gotten over posting JPEGs of myself on Blogger: Why do I love this picture?

1) I'm actually at one of my favorite places in Cleveland, if not the entire planet - the Crawford Auto-Aviation Museum at Western Reserve Historical Society - and the smile on my face shows how geeked out I totally am at museums like these;

2) I think it's cute that the jalopy I'm posing with, Lowrider Magazine-style, is called a "Cleveland"; and

3) It also helps that I'm wearing fantastic makeup in this photo.

Okay, so it's not much in the way of makeup, but I can tell you that the foundation I have on my face is L'Oreal Bare Naturale Gentle Mineral Makeup in Sun Beige - the closest I will ever get to a drugstore product matching my complexion. I honestly believe that the hype on this product is justified - it doesn't make my face itchy the way other mineral powders do (hello, BareMinerals), and neither does it look caked-on. In fact, if there's any discernible "glow" to be had on my face, the effect is more akin to a slight air-brushing or (at worst) a subtle glaze - rather than a full-on disco ball effect - and also to the point where putting on blush is practically redundant.

(Forgive me, Cleveland and Frank Gehry, for I have geeked out so much.)

Going back to the makeup: Really, this L'Oreal stuff isn't too bad. It has actually seen me through all the crazy Ohio weather of late, from last week's downpours to yesterday's insane heat wave. It doesn't fall apart when I sweat, doesn't get temperamental if I put it on while my skin isn't at its best... and is surprisingly cooperative with my face wash, in fact. It also helps that normal amateur photography actually enhances the effect, to the point where it does shave a good 7 to 10 years off my face. (Not that I won't wear it when, say, Mr. Scribe takes my picture with his professional camera.)
Also: It's one of the rare products on Earth where the accompanying brush actually works with the product. Too bad about the jar, though (I weep for all that excess powder that goes to waste when I do the swirl/tap/buff routine - it always helps to have a paper towel underneath) but here's hoping that the folks at L'Oreal will consider a redesign.

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