Thursday, June 19, 2008

The Floating World

A shot of my Charlotte Russe leather flats - and muscular calves - at Yours Truly in Shaker Square.

Back again in Hawaii - still recovering from jet lag, and the sadness of having to leave Cleveland. To paraphrase what Walter Cronkite once said about San Francisco (and, as much as I love San Fran, the domestic terminal at SFO Airport is another story) leaving Cleveland - for me - was like saying goodbye to an old sweetheart. If Honolulu was the reliable boyfriend who looked good on paper and had everything going for him, Cleveland was the guy I knew I've always wanted but didn't have the strength in me to elope with... until now.

So even though it will take a long, long time before I return to Cleveland - again, I don't think this particular story is over yet, not by a long shot - I will be here in Hawaii to continue the Cleveland Chronicles while I figure out everything else. Watch this space for more postings about food, fashion, traveling lessons, and a few more meditations on beauty.


The Scribe said...

For sure, the Cleveland guy would be crankier, but he'll be the one wearing the suit, tie and the polished shoes; the one making sure his car heat is on so you won't freeze your toesies.

It's going to be an interesting time in your life - looking forward to reading all about it!

Anonymous said...

Glad you're home. Safe and sound. Stay in Hawaii so I have a friendly face to come visit when I get my butt out there. =)

Anonymous said...

Wow. I also frequent SF for business. What are your favorite bookstores there? Would be real interested to know. I BART it out of SFO when the schedule allows, so I may be limited in that way. Very interested in your opinions.

meimei said...

@Scribe: Any guy who cares enough to moderate the temperature in the car is a keeper, no matter where he's from. :)

@Ash: Please do come and visit while I'm here! (Or if I'm not, I'll be glad to tell you where the cool places are.)

@Anon: I wish I had time to leave the airport and BART out when I was in San Francisco! Unfortunately, a heavy carry-on bag and heavier security restrictions (not to mention a short layover) prevented me from doing a full-on visit... much like the time when I had four hours to kill in Portland and didn't leave PDX at all because of the gloomy weather. (Though, in PDX's defense, Powell's has a branch inside the airport - seriously, love it just for the used books on-site - and the WiFi is free.) Scribe may have a better idea of which bookstores to visit in San Francisco, since she's been there more than I have - but I'm definitely planning an SF trip in the near future, preferably with less time in SFO.

BTW, if I have to spend time anyway in SFO airport, I would've just hijacked a seat at the Aviator bookstore - great reading place not too far from the TSA checkpoint at the Delta/ NWA/ Hawaiian terminal. Any bookstore that offers me a free and upholstered seat will always have my business. :)