Sunday, June 22, 2008

What I'll Be Wearing Today

(It was a choice between this and Amy Winehouse's ode to slutty footwear... which I will explain later.)

Okay - so today happens to be the baptism for Bunny's baby #3, and normally I'd show up for something like this wearing something prim and pink and flat-heeled and whatnot while I smile my way through the canapes.

Except for the fact that this is the first social gathering I will be attending since my trip to Cleveland... and if the winds of fate blow a certain way, it may be one of the last social gatherings I will be attending in Honolulu before my post-grad career takes me to certain greener pastures.*

(So, THAT explains the endless stream of Kate Nash/ Amy Winehouse/ Lily Allen/ Adele coming out of my laptop today...)

Since I'm a guest to this party, I think a little adventure may be in order - starting with these shoes:

I bought these shoes for only $8 at Payless in Tower City, and already they've started a commotion. Scribe couldn't stop taking pictures, and her usually diplomatic husband started squeeing in delight when she showed them to him. Back in Honolulu, I showed the picture to my sister (herself the owner of red patent-leather platform shoes and pointy boots) and she just raised her eyebrow at me as if I've spent my life savings on them.

Of course I won't be wearing them *all* the time - I'm stashing some flip-flops, just in case - but I will be wearing this dress that I got at Dots in Severance Center:

Scribe was right: The red and white in the shoes goes with the red and white in the dress. It's all very Carmen Miranda, in a way - especially with the corset-like smocking around the bodice - and I don't think I'll be able to help it if I start sambaing around the reception area in this get-up.

Haven't decided on a face, yet, but my toes are currently painted a brighter tomato red than the shoes, and my nails are going to be more of a vampy berry red (Sinful Colors in #335 Lying Nails, only $1.99 at Walgreens). I'm definitely going with the mineral foundation, with red lips and a bolder blush next to some neutral eyes and serious lashes. And the hair will definitely be side-parted.

There will be pictures. Oh yes, there will be pictures. :)

*EDITED: I just returned from the party, and found that the guest list was shorter than I thought - which means that it was totally a small family-and-friends affair with all of her - and our -favorite people. No need to worry about who was there for what! So happy.

Also, the Sinful nail polish that I just mentioned? Beee-yooooo-teee-ful. It's red like Christmas tinsel, and just as sparkly. Looooove it on my hands - kind of reminds me of Uma Thurman and her Chanel Vamp nailpolish in Pulp Fiction.

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